Peplink Serving up Fast Networking for Fast Food Giant MOS Burger

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Peplink Serving up Fast Networking for Fast Food Giant MOS Burger

Peplink Balance routers sets up a secure, fast, and reliable network is essential for every retail business. MOS Burger is a large Japanese fast food chain. Its Chinese branch was recently researching a better solution for securely connecting offices in Taiwan and China at high speed, without downtime. Thanks to the Balance and SpeedFusion™, the MOS Burger branch serves up seamless connections, crystal-clear VoIP, and blazing data transfers with military-grade encryption, in addition to its mouth-watering burgers.

Deployed 5 Peplink Balance routers, 4 in Taiwan and 1 in China:
  • Replaced MOS Burger’s legacy IPsec VPN network
  • Connected flawlessly with SpeedFusion™
  • Established a reliable network for VoIP calls and ERP applications
  • Achieved 100% uptime with seamless link failover
  • Provided a secure site-to-site connection using SpeedFusion™'s 256-bit encryption
  • Established a reliable and high-quality communications channel

Winning factors:
  • Easy deployment -- following basic setup, Peplink Balance routers fine-tune themselves for optimum performance in their deployment environment
  • Stable and secure site-to-site connectionsReliable, secure, and fast, the Peplink Balance with SpeedFusion™ lets businesses upgrade their slow and often complex legacy networks with one easy-to-deploy box.

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