Pepwave Access Points

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Friday, 23 March 2012

Pepwave Access Points


Pepwave makes several different Access Points for a variety of different applications. To determine which product is best, you need to figure out what type of application you'll be using the hardware for. The Surf On The Go, Surf Mini and Surf 400 are are great consumer products, while the AP One, Mesh Connector and Polepoint series are geared towards businesses or power users. Below you'll find a quick outline of the key features that separate the different lines:


Pepwave Surf OTG/Mini/400:
The Surf lineup are for users looking for WiFi as WAN solutions to get Ethernet connectivity or repeat a WiFi into another home, office or adjacent building. Pepwave Surf products only use Nat mode even if DHCP is turned off, which means file sharing will be broken between the two networks. If you don't need to share files between locations the Surf products could be the perfect fit for you. Outlined below are some popular applications for these devices:
  • Pickup City Wide WiFi Network
  • Condo/Apartment
  • Portable WiFi Booster for hotels
  • Larger homes or nearby buildings

ap_one_mini.pngPepwave AP One Mini/AP One/Ap One X: The Pepwave AP line will support both bridge mode and router mode. In router mode site-to-site VPN (SpeedFusion) technology is available to a Peplink Balance 210 or above. This feature is a cost effective option for remote employees that need to connect to the companies main VPN network.

In bridge mode the main router will hand out the DHCP addresses and manage load balancing and failover. We typically recommend paring the AP's with a Peplink Balance router, but they'll work with other routers like Cradlepoint too. Networking and file sharing will be preserved, but must be hardwired to the main router via Ethernet. WDS (Wireless Distribution System) can be used to link multiple AP One units together too, you just enter the mac address of the other unit to establish the link. Outlined below are some popular applications for these devices:

  • Enterprise Networks
  • Branch Network made easy with InControl
  • Hospitality
  • School Systems
  • Home Use

mesh_connector_400-x.pngMesh Connector/Mesh Connector 400-X: Pepwave Mesh Connectors are ideal for applications where you need to preserve a seamless network throughout an office environment. They connect via wireless to all major access points like Tropos, Cisco and more and allow you to quickly fill in coverage gaps on. The network is also seamless meaning you'll jump from AP to AP without dropping the WiFi connection. Outlined below are some popular applications for these devices:

  • IP Camera or Surveillance
  • Industrial and Municipal Services
  • Extend Existing WiFi Network 
  • Rapid Deployment Network
  • Long Range Client Bridging

mesh_connector.pngPolepoint 400/Polepoint 400-X: The Polepoint series are designed for users that require up to 16 networks throughout a large area. There are two N/Female connectors for two antennas (dual radio), only one is required; two ideal for antenna diversity (less interference). Please Note: The Outdoor Polepoint 400-X doesn't come with an antenna and we recommend the Pepwave 8dBi Fiberglass WiFi Antenna. Users with .PHP experience can also create their own advanced custom portal, which is only available on this model. Outlined below are some popular applications for these devices:

  • Industrial Networking
  • Commercial Networking
  • Public Safety Network
  • Security Network
  • Large Scale WiFi Deployment



Still unsure which Access Point to get? Visit "Which WiFi Access Point is best for me?"

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