Wilson Electronics introduces the “Magic Antenna" - Creates Signal From Nothing

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Friday, 30 March 2012

Wilson Electronics introduces the “Magic Antenna" - Creates Signal From Nothing!

 3Gstore often hears from customers trying to use cellular equipment in areas with no signal whatsoever. In the past, these customers were, in technical terms, “S.O.L.” Now, Wilson Electronics has created an a new product called the Magic Antenna that can do something no other antenna can do: create cellular signal out of thin air!

All other antennas and amplifiers can only function within a reasonable range of a cell tower, but the Magic Antenna defies all laws of physics and gives users 100% signal strength in any location, even if the service provider doesn’t offer service in the area at all! Whether you live 50 miles away from any usable cell signal or simply want to be able to use your iPhone in a submarine or cave, the Magic Antenna is up to the task. For just $500, you can stay connected everywhere, without having to worry about whether your provider actually operates cell towers in the area.

Check out some rave reviews from Magic Antenna users:

“I’m a full-time RVer and love to travel to the most remote corners of the country, areas the coverage maps always say don’t have any service. Now I can just ignore that pesky “no signal” warning!” - Beverly M.

“Verizon told me there was no way to get signal at my new country house, since the nearest cell tower was over 100 miles away. They obviously didn’t know about the Magic Antenna!” - Jason R.

For more information on the Magic Antenna, see

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