CradlePoint Released Firmware 3.6.0

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

CradlePoint Releases Firmware 3.6.0


This firmware adds support for some Canadian modems along with some new features.  This firmware feature adds some new features for the higher end CradlePoint routers, but does not add any new features for the lower end (CTR35, MBR95).

The new features for the MBR1400, MBR1200B, CBA400, CBA450, IBR600, IBR650 include:

  • Remote Admin Access Control (Network Settings / Firewall Configuration / Remote Administration Access Control). This feature allows the administrator to control the range of addresses the router will accept a remote administration session from (HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, or SSH connection).
  •     Added MAC address logging (Network Settings / MAC Filter / Logging). This feature logs the MAC addresses of all devices attached to the router. The admin can also set up an email alert if any unexpected MAC addresses are detected.
  •     WiPipe Central Rollback. If a configuration change using WiPipe Central is made to a group of routers that make the routers unable to connect back to a WPC server, the routers will roll back to their previous configuration after a period of time.
  •     Added an IP Passthrough Wizard for those products that support IP Passthrough (Getting Started / IP Passthrough Setup Wizard).
  •     Added a page to the First Time Setup Wizard to help users configure simple Failure Check.
  •     Added an estimator for the amount of data a ping can use during Failure Check (Connection manager / WAN Configuration Rule / General Settings / Failure Check / Active Ping). For example, an active ping every 45 seconds could use up to 6.2MB of data per month.
  •     IBR650 will default to the Clearwire "" realm. Other products will continue to default to the Sprint "" realm.

Fixes since 3.5 Release:                                    
  • Fixed ability of Android devices to work with Administration UI. Android devices cannot view Statistics, but they can get to the rest of the UI.
  • When using a specified subnet ( and assign a DHCP Range, DHCP would previously fail.
  • Sprint 250U getting /32 subnet mask - ipinfo={'netmask': '', 'ip_address': '', 'gateway': ''. We can now route through this configuration.
  • Modem Sierra Wireless 313U Rogers connected but user could not get out to the Internet.
  • WiPipe Central client failed to stop and restart properly on WAN connection change.         

For the latest info on this release, see the following thread on EVDOforums:  CradlePoint 3.6.0 Firmware Success/Failure



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