iOS 6 Battery & Data Saving Tips

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

iOS 6 Battery & Data Saving Tips

iOS6 is now released to the general public.  We have been beta test iOS6 since it was first released to developers and we would like to share some battery saving tips that apply to any iPhone (4, 4S, 5) that is running iOS6.


10/1/2012: Verizon has released a bug fix for the issue where your iPhone 5 would use cellular data while on WiFi, see: Verizon iPhone 5 Update Fixes Cellular Data Use on WiFi Bug

Turn Off Wi-Fi Plus Cellular

Located under Settings -> General -> Cellular, this new options has some promise, BUT it can really use a lot of your monthly data usage without you knowing.  If you are using iCloud for backup, you really need to turn off this option, as you can easily go through a few gigs of data in a single night.  This option is suppose to give applications the option to use Cellular when there are "WiFi Problems".

Disable Passbook's Location Services

Located under Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.  Passbooks are really cool and we will all be using them for coupons, membership cards and event tickets.  One cool feature of passbooks, is that they can be not only timed based (Movie at 7pm), but they can be location based (show me the membership card when I am at Panera).  The downside to location based Passbooks, is that they are constantly checking GPS to see where you are.  During beta testing, this was a HUGE drain on the battery.  So, if you want even greater battery life, disable location services for Passbook.

Other Tips to Save on Battery that still apply

Disable Location Services for other Apps that don't need it
Disable WiFi when you are not needing it
Disable BlueTooth when you are not needing it
Check for Email Manually or hourly vs. using Push Notification

You have any other battery saving tips, add to your comments below

Last Updated ( Monday, 01 October 2012 )
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