iOS 6 PassBook Will Change The Way You Use Your iPhone

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

iOS 6 PassBook Will Change The Way You Use Your iPhone - Eventually

One of the most exciting features in iOS 6 is one that you cannot use immediately - but the promise of what it will allow is very exciting. PassBook has the ability to change the way you use your phone.  Imagine having all your loyalty cards (Subway, GreatClips, StarBucks), Gift Cards, Punch Cards, Coupons, movie tickets, airplane tickets and any other passes that you get from merchants.

Passbooks will be very easy for companies to implement.  There are even companies that help you create them.

A Passbook can also be intelligent.  It can have a date and time associated with it - like a movie or airplane ticket.  A Passbook can also be location aware.  Automatically popup on my lockscreen when I get near the restaurant, as an example.  Imagine not having all the merchant cards in your wallet.

PassBook is probably the first attempt at Apple to get consumers use to using their phones for these type of things.  Apple is giving merchants an easy way to distribute and communicate with their customers.  We expect that Apple has plans to upgrade PassBook down the road to add payment options, so that we can wave our phone at our local coffee shop and not only will they know exactly what we want to purchase - but then handles the transaction.

Credit card companies should watch out as Apple could be planting a method to completely disrupt the credit card industry.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 September 2012 )
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