iPhone 5 Battery Life

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

iPhone 5 Battery Life


The iPhone 5 Battery life is impressive.  BUT there is something you need to do to help get you the most battery life.  It is a good idea to "condition" your battery when you first get your iPhone 5.  This is very easy to do, just let the phone run down to 0%.  Then charge it back to 100% and then let it run down to 0% again, without charging it as it runs down to 0%.  Once you have done this, your battery is conditioned and should offer you longer uses.

After doing the battery conditioning, with WiFi On, LTE On, Brightness at 60%.  I was able to use my iPhone 5 for 9 hours of actual data usage and around 26 hours of standby.  This is much better than the iPhone 4S that this replaced.

There are a few other tips you can do to make your iOS 6 / iPhone 5 battery last longer. As more and more location based PassBooks start popping up, your battery will be impacted, as your iPhone has to check where it is all the time and determine if it is in a Geofence area of the merchant - so the PassBook can automatically displayed.

If you are a heavy user, there are small battery packs that work with iPhone 5.  But we are waiting for the first vendor to have an iPhone 5 Battery Case.

Let us know what kind of battery life you are getting for your iPhone 5 in the comments below


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