iOS6 Mystery Cellular Data Usage - Theory #1

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

iOS6 Mystery Cellular Data Usage - Theory #1



In the beta cycle of iOS6, there was a pretty cool feature called "WiFi Plus Cellular ".   Basically, if your iOS device was having an issue with WiFi, it would use cellular (3G/4G) instead of WiFi.  Many developers were shocked to learn that after one night or two, their allowed data usage by the carrier was being used up (2GB - 5GB).  By default, Apple had this feature turned on.  Those that turned it off - found that their mystery data consumption was resolved.  The culprit most likely was iCloud Backups in the middle of the night.  There would be some sort of WiFi isssue - so iCloud would go over cellular and use all of your monthly data.

For some reason, Apple decided to pull the feature form the released iOS 6.0.

We believe that the feature is still in iOS 6.0. it is just that it is hidden from all users.  We are not sure why Apple decided to hide this feature in the released iOS.

There are many threads where users are not able to connect to WiFi.

There are many threads where users are using up data consumption at an alarming rate.

It just makes sense that all these are connected to one another.

In the past users have been able to enable hidden features in iOS, by using an application called iBackupBot that allows you to change your backup files that were created with iTunes.  Enable a hidden feature and then restore your iPhone from the slightly modified backup.  Cool thing about this utility is that NO JAILBREAK is needed.

The key is finding the correct file that stores the "Wi-Fi Plus Celluar" setting and change it to true.  Use iBackupBot to dump all files into a folder and then use a tool like TextWrangler to search in the folder for the correct name of this feature.

So, after finding the correct file, this would be the steps to follow:

  • Backup your iPhone
  • Use iBackupBot to change the setting in the correct file from false to true (to show Wi-Fi Plus Cellular)
  • Restore your iPhone from the modified backup
  • Disable the Wi-Fi Plus Celluar feature
  • See if the mystery cellular usage goes away

Anyone want to help?  Add your comments and discoveries in the comment area below.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 29 September 2012 )
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