4G LTE Users Consistently Consume More Data Than 3G Users

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Friday, 04 January 2013

4G LTE Users Consistently Consume More Data Than 3G Users

3g vs 4g data usage
Source: Mobidia

If you've upgraded from 3G service to 4G, this news should come as no surprise to you: a Mobidia study confirmed that 4G LTE data users consistently consume considerably more data than 3G users, both here in the US as well as in Japan and South Korea (presumably elsewhere as well, but this particular study only focused on those three countries). It's understandable, considering how much faster 4G is than 3G (Verizon's 3G network, for example, averages download speeds of about 1mbps while their 4G LTE network can provide speeds in the 12-20mbps range). Faster speeds make using your phone or data device for bandwidth-intensive activities like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, or online gaming more accessible, and the less time you're waiting for pages to load or videos to buffer, the more you can do online!

The study also showed that LTE users used WiFi less than 3G users do. Again, this is surely due to the high speeds users are getting from LTE; there is less motiviation to switch over to a WiFi network when your cellular service is performing so well. Of course, this can get users with limited data plans (which, unfortunately, is just about everyone) into trouble since using WiFi when it's available is a great way to save your data allowance for when you really need it!

How much data do you use each month? If you've upgraded from 3G to 4G, have you seen your usage increase? Share your experience on the EVDO Forums: 3G vs 4G Data Usage

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