Peplink and Pepwave Push Notification Router Utility App

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013

Peplink and Pepwave Push Notification Router Utility App

Peplink and Pepwave are streamlining the process of router notifications by adding push notifications to Apple and Android devices. Until now the only option for notifications was SMTP email notifications, which are a little bit dated now that virtually everyone has a smartphone available. With the Router Utility application it’s easier than ever to set up notifications in the event your router gets rebooted or you have a WAN failure. Pictured above is the initial start up screen where you can either use the utility to check status, or get real time alerts if something fails.


Above you’ll notice that there are three options for push notifications:

1.) System Startup - If there is a power outage, system reboot or firmware flash you’ll get a notification when your router comes back online.

2.) WAN Up/Down - In the event one of your WAN or 3G/4G connections goes down you’ll be notified that the link is no longer active. Likewise you’ll also get a notification when the WAN or 3G/4G link comes back online.

3.) SpeedFusion Up/Down - Receive a notification in the event a SpeedFusion tunnel goes down or comes online.


Above you’ll see the system info tab within the router utility. This can be used to check the current firmware, hardware revision and system uptime. You can also see how much load is on the CPU as well as the current download and upload throughput.

This can be a handy reference to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your network. For example, if your in the middle of a video conference and notice a delay you can quickly look and see if you’re getting the throughput that you pay for. This can help you identify if it’s a problem on your network, or if the problem is coming from the server that you’re trying to connect to.

You can also reference the current modem support version, which allows you to identify any wireless modems that are supported by your current firmware.


Pictured above shows the main interface after you log into the Router Utility. You have the ability to drag and drop connections and change the preferred priority order or load balance between multiple connections. When you tap on a specific connection you can also view the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS servers.

The Router Utility is an excellent addition for any network admin or business owner that needs to keep tabs on their network(s). The application is coming soon to the Apple App Store and on Google Play and the Utility application can be used to monitor and control all of your Balance and Max routers. Stay tuned for a video preview of everything in action as well as links to download the router utility application!

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