4G VoLTE- Starting to Not Suck

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Monday, 24 June 2013

4G VoLTE- Starting to Not Suck

 4G data service has been promising rainbows and unicorns since it bounded into the public consciousness. Promising faster, better, stronger service. 4G promised you’ll be able to surf the web, talk to friends, remove worrying moles, and beat everyone at tennis all at the same time. But what they didn’t discuss was the fact that it drained cell batteries the way a seven year old does their first big gulp. So many fear the arrival of universal 4G, that 4G is writing checks it’s data services can’t cash. But research is showing that 4G may not be so bad after all.

The problem slowly is transforming because more and more devices can work with or work better with 4G. As opposed when 4G was first rolled out. 3G devices couldn’t keep up with it’s ludicrous speed. But slowly but surely the tech is catching up.Different companies have been testing the voice over LTE for months with nothing but an upswing in results.

Though the battery life is still sucking like a Twilight film, it’s nothing compared to what it once was or what it will be in the future. 4G is reaching an important threshold. Using new radio protocol that helps save battery that used to drain away when you even thought about turning on your device.

But like most things, the technology everywhere else has not yet caught up to the latest thing. 4G in a tech analyst’s office is going to run pretty well.  Because they don’t get out of the bed in the morning for less than 10G of data.  But your local Chili's  isn’t going to be as fast. But soon they will be. And when they do it’s going to make people staring at their phones even more obnoxious.  3G is not dead yet, but 4G does seem to following it menacingly around the house while holding a machete.


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