Cradlepoint Enterprise Cloud Manager is now available

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Cradlepoint Enterprise Cloud Manager is now available

Updated: 11/21/13: Today Cradlepoint has announced their new ECM platform (Enterprise Cloud Manager) available for their business class routers. This service will allow customers to easily manage multiple devices across their network from one central Cloud based portal. This can save admins time with firmware updates, configurations and also allows custom reports to be generated with a variety of different filters. In addition to these features admins can also create sub accounts granting administrator access, full access user or read only access if you have a tech that needs to reference general information.

ECM supported devices:


Security features:

Cradlepoint’s ECM platform is secure using encrypted communication protocols to prevent someone from trying to “Eavesdrop” on your communications. There is a secure device registration process unique to each device and requires authentication. ECM users a enterprise class tier 4 data center that is SSAE Type II (SAS 70) compliant. The cloud architecture is also designed to support high availability VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) so you can have a backup system in place in the event a main router goes down.

Greater control while lowering costs:

With a cloud based system you no longer have to send technicians to the site or require admins to individually login to routers to make do a firmware update, change passwords or any other settings within the routers. If you’re using the Cradlepoint equipment for failover or an M2M application including Kiosks, Digital Signage, ATM’s etc you can also monitor your 3G/4G usage to ensure that you avoid overage charges. As pictured above the main dashboard also gives you a quick overview of every device in a specific group to find out if it’s up and running or if the device is down for some reason. When you know if the device is up or down it helps improve the customers experience because it helps them figure out where they should start troubleshooting the network.

Alert and Device notifications:



Within ECM you’ll be able to quickly configure various notification rules to be notified when specific events occur. In the example above we’ve set up a tech account with an alert for a failed login attempt with immediate notification to a specific user. This can be useful to see if anybody is trying to compromise one of your site locations local network; imagine one site where you receive multiple failed login attempts in a row, it’s likely someone trying to access a device they shouldn’t be on. Below is an outline of the alert notifications that can be configured by group or users:

  • Configuration Changes
  • Data Cap Threshold
  • Failed Login Attempt
  • Modem State
  • Unrecognized Client
  • Rejected Configurations
  • ECM Connection State
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Reboot
  • WAN Status Change
  • Usage Reporting

Service costs?

The Enterprise Cloud Manager is available in one year, two year or three year license commitments that include your SaaS license (Software as a service) and ECM support. For customers already on WiPipe they’ll be grandfathered into the new ECM portal with no additional costs and new customers will have special intro pricing outlined below:

  • 1 year ECM support $32/yr per device + $100 setup fee
  • 3 year ECM support $78/yr per device + $100 setup fee
  • 5 year ECM support $130/yr per device + $100 setup fee

For large scale deployments please contact Corp Sales at 3Gstore


With ECM you get a universal application that can be run from any computer or web browser to control every Cradlepoint router on your network. The managed services allow you to know exactly what is going on with your devices at all times to help prevent surprise network issues from occurring. For any company that has multiple devices in the field or a reseller that needs to manage multiple accounts ECM gives you the control to make sure everything is running smoothly. The cloud support can be used over a private circuit or via VPN so you know you’ll know you’re the only one that can make changes to equipment.

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