RV Blogger Jack Mayer Gives the Pepwave Surf SOHO a Rave Review

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Friday, 19 July 2013

RV Blogger Jack Mayer Gives the Pepwave Surf SOHO a Rave Review



 The Pepwave Surf SOHO was put through its paces by the RV blogger Jack Mayer. His review said the SOHO was great for its connectivity, its ability to travel well, as its easy-to-use features make it one of his top choices for a router. Mayer loved the reliability of this product which he knew was an important quality for the non-technical users. He went on further to comment that the interface was easy to understand, and the router was very good at capturing WiFi signals in difficult areas. The SOHO, according to Mayer, blends all the best aspects of the different Pepwave products.

Mayer loved the great WiFi range of the SOHO, that is also seen in the Surf Mini. He enjoyed that the SOHO includes cellular modem support. This allows the router to use a USB modem instead of WiFi when the WiFi has trouble connecting, like the Surf on the Go. He liked using the optional external WiFi antennas, along with a feature Mayer thought would be valuable for RVers: the ability to use dual frequencies (2.45/5.0 Ghz) to avoid crowded channels.

Mayer also wrote that the advanced user as well as the novice would enjoy many aspects of the SOHO. For the more advanced user, there are the VPN settings (Virtual Private Network), and the QoS (Quality of Service which is used for things like VoIP) that are available. The more casual user will enjoy the ability to create a secure internal network with WiFi as WAN. Also the SOHO’s ability to use Failover/Failback to toggle between WiFi and cellular signal so that the SOHO can maintain internet no matter how spotty the coverage.

After looking over the features, Mayer field-tested the SOHO and found it ran smoothly throughout. “The SOHO has run nonstop for over a month without a single hiccup. No reboots, no freezes - it just works. You could not ask more of a product.” He noted the that the baseline for most consumers with the SOHO was going to be the ease of configuring and managing the router.  He commented that it was easy to configure because of the helpful web interface throughout his configuration that showed him what the more advanced settings did even if he didn’t need them.  

The Pepwave Surf SOHO is available now at 3Gstore!

Read Jack’s whole review here:  Jack Mayer Pepwave SOHO Review

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