Lion Battery 3550mAh Battery for XV6600

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Thursday, 30 June 2005
I really enjoy the Audiovox XV6600, it is the perfect Pocket PC, it has everything (including EV-DO). The ONLY problem is the battery life, it really stinks. Maybe you will get 1 1/2 hours or so, of heavy use. With all the power that the XV6600 has, it is not that surprising that the battery life stinks. For power users that really isn't adequate.

Enter Lion Battery 3550mAH Battery. This battery allows the XV6600 to go for 8-9 hours of solid heavy phone or EVDO use. If you are a light user, you can get 10 - 12 hours on a single charge. The price is $124.95, which may seem a bit high, but after you get one of these, it will be the best money you spent. The guys over at Lion are a pleasure to deal with.

Before ordering the battery, I heard it was huge and made the XV6600 heavy and much larger. I found that it was much smaller than I expected and was the best investment in the XV6600.

Below are pictures that show you the size of the product.

When I disable IR and BlueTooth, the remaining time goes as high as 9 hours!


As, you can see it fits perfectly in the dock, even with an extra battery charging (although, will you really need that extra battery?)


Here is is laying flat on the desk, it sticks up a little, but not very much.


Sideways view...


Yes, it still fits in the case, it is a little snug, but it goes in and it will not fall out of the case.


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Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 June 2005 )
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