iOS 7 Router Utility Update

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

iOS 7 Router Utility Update



Today Peplink has announced Router Utility 1.2 updated and optimized for Apple iOS 7 enabled devices. In this update they also added several new features to enhance the functionality of the Router Utility application. System admins no longer need to worry about going to a PC/Laptop to figure out what’s going on with the network and can easily look and manage multiple devices through the iOS Router Utility App. Push notifications have also been improved and are now up to the second for device status giving alerts for System Startup, WAN Up/Down and SpeedFusion Up/Down. Below are some of the new features found in Router Utility 1.2:

(Client List)

Client List:

If you notice a slowdown on your network the Router Utility makes it easy to look at all clients connected to a specific Peplink or Pepwave unit. You’ll be able to quickly spot if a device is using an unusual amount of data or which devices are currently active on the network. For large networks with thousands of connected clients you can also sort by Name, IP Address, Network Name, Signal, Download and Upload to help narrow down specific devices.

(GPS Tracking/Location)

Real Time GPS Tracking:

For customers with either a Pepwave Max BR1 or Max HD2 embedded systems you’ll be able to see a real time map to figure out exactly where a specific unit is at. This feature is ideal for Police, Ambulance, Fire trucks, Bus liners and Fleets that need to check in on occasion to see exactly where a vehicle is at. The refresh rate is almost instant so you’ll be able to follow a vehicle along directly from the Router Utility application which can come in handy if it’s a new driver and you want to make sure they don’t make a wrong turn somewhere.

(SpeedFusion Status)

Realtime SpeedFusion VPN Stats:

Router Utility 1.2 offers enhancements with the real time SpeedFusion VPN status. You can quickly check to make sure a SpeedFusion or PepVPN tunnel is established and which connections are currently active. Each WAN/Cellular connection has its own chart and will specify latency, download and upload performance. This is a great tool for anyone bonding multiple links together or an easy way to see which WAN connections are pushing the most data across the secure 256bit AES encrypted tunnel.

(Peplink News)

Peplink News:

If you like to stay up to date with new product announcements, case studies or special promotions the Router Utility app gives you quick access to the latest news. This is a great way to stay up to date on Peplink/Pepwave without going to their website directly or social media pages. If the article happens to be really in depth you can choose to open the page in Safari or copy the URL if you’d like to send a colleague a link to a specific article about a promotion or equipment news.

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