New Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Hands-On Review

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Monday, 25 November 2013

New Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Hands-On Review

long range invisible ethernet bridge

New from 3Gstore, the Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Kit is an easy way to wirelessly extend a network with zero advanced configuration. The Bridge Kit is a point-to-point WiFi antenna system designed to operate at ranges outside the reach of a traditional WiFi signal - over a mile in optimal conditions. It consists of two antennas: one installed at the primary location connected to the LAN of the existing network, and a second at the secondary location to pick up the signal and feed it into a network switch, router, computer, camera, etc (whatever you need to provide internet to!). The kit comes pre-configured, so no difficult setup or networking knowledge is required. Just mount the two antennas using the included hardware, aim them at each other. The Bridge Kit will create an “invisible” link between the two antennas and will function as if there was an ethernet cable between them.

bridge kit contents

contents of the kit (clockwise from top left): two antennas, indoor mounts, outdoor pole mounts, U bolts, sealing tape, pole mount bases

Easy installation and setup: The Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Kit is sold as a pre-configured kit, and includes everything you’ll need to mount and power each antenna. Both indoor and outdoor mounts are included. The outdoor mounting equipment includes a set of pole mounts with bases that can mount on any flat surface; the pole is adjustable from the base so it’s easy to aim the antennas properly. Two heavy-duty U bolts are included to mount the antenna to the pole (if you already have a pole installed, the U bolt will work with any standard 1.5” diameter pipe).

pole mount and u bolt

pole mount and U bolt

antenna on pole mount

antenna on pole mount

The Bridge Kit also includes a set of window/wall mounts that are easily adjusted as well. While the Bridge Kit does work best outdoors with no interference, aiming the antennas through windows is the next best option if outdoor mounting is not possible.

wall mount

 antenna connected to wall mount

Powering the Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Kit is done by POE (power over ethernet). This means you don’t need to have a power outlet near where the antennas will be mounted! 
POE injector

 POE injector: LAN connects to the network and POE goes to the antenna

The bridge kit requires two ethernet cables on each side of the setup (one to go from the POE injector to the antenna and a second to connect the POE injector to your router/network equipment); a total of FOUR ethernet cables will be needed and are NOT included. Any standard cat5 ethernet cables up to 300' can be used, but if you plan to mount the antennas outside, weatherproof ethernet cables are STRONGLY advised.

Also included with the Bridge Kit are two strips of silicone tape, used to seal the ethernet connection into the antenna. This will ensure the antenna is watertight and isn’t affected by the elements.

How it works: With the two antennas mounted and aiming at each other, they will automatically connect in under 1 minute once connected to power. As explained above, the first antenna is connected to your primary network, and the second antenna will be connected to a router or switch (or directly to a single piece of equipment needing internet access) at the second location. The equipment connected at the second location will then have internet access just as if it were connected via ethernet directly to the network at the first location!

The Bridge Kit runs at 5Ghz, and the signal from each antenna is pre-configured with a 64 character WPA2 passkey, allowing them to connect to each other but keeping the connection secure. The signal the antenna puts out is invisible to most phones and wireless devices that are capable of receiving 5Ghz WiFi.

bridge kit installation

 Installation example between two buildings

The Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge can be used in multiple different environments where sharing network and internet access is needed. From sharing internet access between a house and an outbuilding to connecting two office buildings together, the options are limitless. The Bridge Kit isn’t just for outside use either. Have a large indoor space where WiFi just doesn’t reach? Use the indoor mounts and quickly bring network access where there wasn’t any before!

Video overview of the Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge Kit:

The Long Range Invisible Ethernet Bridge is available now from 3Gstore

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