3Gstore Customer Spotlight

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

3Gstore Customer Spotlight 

3Gstore customers are always coming up with new ways to use our equipment to better their cellular experience. One customer in particular, Lloyd from Ohio, has come up with a unique way to use our 9.5" Full Band Outdoor Omni Antennas along with his cellular modems. Lloyd was generous enough to send us a photo of his setup, and also write a description of what he has done.

Lloyd writes, "I have tried just about every cellular antenna type on the market. I own a few metal whips, a full band Yagi, and some amplified devices. My antenna of choice is simple to make, and provides improvement on signal strength, lower DBM readings, and most important noticeable internet performance. I use two different cellular vendors and configure my routers for redundant service.

I mounted two CM288W antennas on a coffee can for a cheap base and a paint stick to support two ten feet long USB extension cables for my data devices. When I need it a little longer, I add an additional six foot USB extension cable. USB specs have a sixteen foot limit without adding further modification so just stop there. A simple N/Male to FME/Female adapter for the antenna and the correct data device adapter cable into the antenna is all you need to eliminate the COAX. My solution is portable so you can move it where you get the best results and keep it inside safe from vandals and weather deterioration. My Cradlepoint MBR95 tells me I have 100% signal on both vendors so it works for me."

Thanks for the great information!

Do you have gear from 3Gstore that you use in a new or unique way? Let us know!


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