2013 Top Products at 3Gstore

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Thursday, 02 January 2014

2013 Top Products at 3Gstore

2013 has drawn to a close, and it’s time for our annual round-up of the top products at 3Gstore!

The scoring of these products comes from a combination of their popularity as well as the number of customer reviews they received and the average rating customers gave the product.

If you ordered any of these products (or any others!) from 3Gstore, don’t forget that you can log in at and write a review of your own. You’ll help other customers interested in the product and you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly drawing (every month we randomly select one customer review — good or bad — and the writer gets a $25 gift code!).

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 3Gstore Products of 2013:





Cellphone-Mate 65db E-Flex Repeater Kits

cellphone-mate eflex kits

all-in-one kits for boosting voice and 3G signal in a home/office up to 5,000 sq feet

5 star ratings
“I had an indoor cell signal from 1 to 2 bars before installing this system, after the install I now have a 4 to 5 bar signal with no dropped calls. This has allowed me to cancel my Verizon land line at $60.00 a month and install the Verizon Home Connect service which allows me to keep my home number but uses Verizon Wireless as a carrier @ $24.00 a month with all of the same home phone services & features. These savings will pay for the cell booster system in less than a year.”

“I don't usually write reviews but felt this one very worthy. This was extremely easy to install with the additional components we purchased. We have 4800SF metal building and had NO cell reception inside for 5 years. Wish I would have known about this sooner. As soon as it was hooked up we all had full bars, no matter where we were inside the building. The owner made a comment yesterday that he actually walks inside the building to make cell calls now because he has better reception inside than standing outside.”

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Wilson Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna

high-gain directional antenna; works for virtually all networks

4 star ratings
“Nice size directional antenna i had 3db or more gain over trying the omni directional antenna. I live in rural area with no internet service, this antenna with my wifi hotspot i now have LTE data access.”

“I have a verizon 4150 mifi in a very rural area with a lot of trees and only 1-2 bars of signal showing. After the install and guessing on the direction of the nearest tower, I have all 4 bars showing of signal.”

“Wow - From dial up to FAST. Living out in the country, very few options - but this antenna and a hot spot and we're in business. Brought internet thru 1/2 mile of trees and then 5 miles to the nearest tower. We have a full 3G signal. Can't say enough about this product! It rocks - or should I say - it fly's!”

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Cellphone-Mate Direct Connect Amplifier for Verizon 4G LTE

cellphone-mate cm700v-32

along with an antenna, provides the best possible signal boost to a Verizon LTE device

5 star ratings
“I have been using this product for over 2 weeks now. So far been very HaPpy. Signal strength went from -72 /-70 dBm to -52/-46 dBm [average -50 dBm] I use this on a desktop using Verizon Wireless Modem, LTE: PANTECH UML290 with the Wilson Antenna Model 304453. My connection speed has been steady around 10mb download speeds.”

“The unit was easy to connect and performs better than promised. I'm getting a signal boost of about 50 dBm, which is higher than I expected, but welcomed.”

"What a great product! I had -100db to -90db signal strength when my air-card was hooked up to my computer. After installing the 3db GPS & 3G/4G Cellular Paddle Antenna to the Cellphone-Mate 3-Watt Verizon 4g LTE Direct Connect Amplifier I achieve -51 db signal!!! Great investment! My computer internet connection screams now!"

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Single Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

single outlet ip switch

allows you to remotely monitor and reboot your equipment

5 star ratings
“Remote power switch is a great device. Simple to setup and use, and a great, free phone app works well. 3gStore is one of my favorite places to shop."

“Use it to automatically reset a dsl modem at a remote location when it goes down. Works great . Easy to configure.”

"Awesome!!!Took it out of the box, loaded the app, sync with app, plugged it in, drove down the street and rebooted my home automation system. No more getting a neighbor to reboot my system. Can't wait to get it install in my our place that is 1200 miles away. A must for home automation systems. With automation systems, you can turn everything off and on except the internet connection device (bridge)and the router. Not anymore!!"

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Pepwave Surf SOHO Router

pepwave surf soho

easy-to-use, feature-rich 3G/4G router for home and small office

4 star ratings
“The Surf SOHO is an amazing little box that is very easy to setup. I was able to set this up as a box for a family member allowing me secure VPN access to remotely manage their computer via VNC. The advanced bandwidth monitoring is also a nice feature allowing me to see if there's any unusual activity on the network. I purchased with the option WiFI antennas and it's easily providing WiFi access throughout the home and even gives me some outdoor coverage downstairs.”

“The Pepwave SOHO router solved a problem for me. The previous system I had was a management nightmare. The pepwave router combined the functionality of a bridge and router all in the same device. Management and setup was very simple. Fail over set up was also very easy, and also worked as advertised. I think the design and the included features are wonderful, and the cost makes this unit a bargain.”

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Wilson Sleek 4G-V

(honorable mentions to the other Sleek models, too!)

cradle amplifier for voice/3G plus Verizon 4G LTE


4 star ratings
“Using a Verizon MIFI, without Sleek, 2 bars, -113 db, with Sleek, using the included antenna, 3 bars -63db in the outskirts of Yuma, AZ. Great product, great service from the 3G Store.”

“This product is even better than we hoped. Our phones went from no service to full bars and our verizon jetpack went from slow to no service to service whenever we need it.”

"This Wilson Signal Booster worked better than I expected. I'm an RVer parked in the AZ desert on a fringe area of reception. The folks at the 3GStore told me this Wilson booster would help with better phone reception and they were RIGHT. I went from many dropped calls, texts that would rarely go out and slow to no internet on my smart phone to 3 bars of 4G service. It's very easy to install and I can move it to my car for road trips. I'd recommend this phone booster to anyone in a heartbeat."

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Cellphone-Mate 9.5” Full-Band Omni Antenna

outdoor omnidirectional antenna for virtually all networks

4 star ratings
“Worked perfectly on my Unite Hotspot. Went from 1 bar 4g to 2 bars 4g LTE solid. That's saying a lot considering I can hardly get any signals in this rural area. This antenna setup along with the low loss cable has set me free forever from HughesNet no satellite-no service."

"Item is fantastic. MiFi 4260 went from -107 to -74 and speeds tests are 5x what they were. Easy to mount and is discrete. I would tell everybody that need a boost this is it."

"We were struggling with Verizon's poor excuse for 3G service in this area. Speeds were barely above dial-up. With the VL600 modem plugged directly in to a laptop, we occasionally would get a whiff of 4G service, but never long before back to 3G and dial up speed again. Plugged in this antenna and temporarily clamped it to the roof and BINGO! 4G! No amp connected and only a 10 foot run to our Modem plugged into the router. This setup shows 24-25% -78 to -80 dBm. Good solid usable 4G connection. Verizon map shows the nearest 4G service area over 30 miles away. Would definitely recommend this product."

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Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

allows you to remotely monitor and reboot your equipment

4 star ratings
“I used this product at a remote business location with a cable modem that was having issues. I had to call someone on site to reset the modem about once a week. By using the IP switch whenever there were network issues the modem rebooted and everything came back up without needing anyone to manually reset the modem.”

“Great product. Every feature you need to effectively monitor and remediate unattended network issues.”

“I had a need to power cycle an old computer on a remote site that would freeze up every now and then when it overheated. The IP Switch was perfect for the job. I configured the IP switch in my office, sent it to the site, a quick firewall setting on my Cradlepoint router, and we were in business. No neeed to send out a technician anymore to reboot. The IP switch paid for itself the first time we needed to use it.”

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Cradlepoint MBR95 Router

3G/4G home router with WiFi as WAN

4 star ratings
“After several failed attempts with other products, I finally have wireless internet that works with my Pantech 4g modem. Yes! I'm joining the modern world!"

“I like Cradlepoint routers, like the MBR95, because they work great. I use them at home, on the job site and at remote project locations. They are solidly built and I really like the web interface for setting up the router. The Cradlepoint web interface is one of the main reasons I purchase their products. Other router interfaces I've worked with looked (and acted) like incomplete software that was rushed out the door.”

"Works as expected. Using WIFI to LAN using a Verizon MIFI 4510L, and the speed is great, connectivity is strong, and works consistently. The best is being able to use a network cable for connectivity when needed and having a stronger WIFI signal than provided through the MIFI device. I would recommend this product."

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Cradlepoint MBR1400 Router

business-grade 3G/4G router

4 star ratings
“Best router for the money.”

“The MBR1400 router has amazing feature set, performance and capabilities. Outstanding quality, not found in many routers and definitely not at this price.”

"This router is extremely configurable. It had tons more options than I needed. I bought this to repeat the signal from a Verizon MiFi Jetpack 4620LE. It was really easy to set up through the web interface and worked great out of the box."

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