CloudCam - Setting Up a Wireless IP Camera Has Never Been Easier!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

CloudCam - Setting Up a Wireless IP Camera Has Never Been Easier!

Setting up an IP Camera on your network typically turns out to be quite a challenge for most, and some don’t realize it until they’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying to make it work. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) plays a factor - are you receiving a private or public IP address? - as well as the existing network hardware - are you using a router with Ethernet ports or do you rely on WiFi from a mobile hotspot or nearby WiFi access point (say offered by your condo association, your Grandma’s nursing home, a nearby business, etc.)

CloudCam simplifies their IP Camera by making everything cloud based - not requiring a certain IP type and needing to forward ports - as well as providing users the ability to connect the camera to an Internet source even if they do not own the Internet service themselves! With the option to set up certain CloudCam models wirelessly - as long as the network is Open (no security/no password required) or you have permission with a password - the process is virtually hassle-free!

All you need is a smartphone to install the mobile application used to control/manage the CloudCam (mCamView/ mCamView Pro) and a WiFi network that you can connect to - the WPS function makes it easy to connect the camera to the WiFi network using a QR Code. Once you’ve got all that, you can set up your CloudCam and start keeping an eye on the things most important to you! Use it as a baby monitor (there’s a 2-way speaker!), a way to check in on your elderly relative, a security camera, or use it in your office waiting room and allow your customers a way to see how busy you are! The uses are virtually endless!

To see for yourself how easy the CloudCam is to set up in this manner check out the video below! And for more demonstration and instructional videos, visit our YouTube channel!



For CloudCam models that support the WPS/QR Code option for wireless setup, see links below:

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