Cable Modem Locked Up, Frozen or Need to Remotely Reboot It?

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Cable Modem Locked Up, Frozen or Need to Remotely Reboot It?

Have a unreliable Comcast or Time Warner cable modem that consistently gets stuck, hung up, freezes, or locks up - essentially suspending your Internet connection? Wishing you had a way to reboot or reset it? Who wouldn’t, right? Sure, you could just walk over to the frozen cable modem and manually reboot it every time. However, what happens if you’re not at your home or office where the cable modem resides and you MUST keep the connection alive 24/7? How could you possibly be able to reboot/reset the cable modem while you’re at a remote location?

Well, you and most other cable modem owners with Cisco, Motorola, or some other modem brands are asking the same questions! Some may say, why continue using the cable modem if it keeps freezing or locking up? Though, in most cases that may not be an option - either because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) doesn’t offer another cable modem OR because ISPs will charge you more for a cable modem that isn’t standard.

So, when your options have all run out, here’s something to consider: A Remote Power IP Switch that can reset/reboot your annoying cable modem whether you’re at the same location, or at a remote one. The 3Gstore IP Power Switch is a simple product that automatically power-cycles any device when internet connectivity is lost. So, simply plug an Ethernet cable from your all-in-one cable modem/router OR stand-alone router, and plug the power cable from your cable modem into the IP Switch. Then, the next time your cable modem gets bogged down and stalls, you can easily have it back up and running without even doing anything!

Don’t believe us it’s that simple? Just check out this video below on how our 2-Outlet model works right out of the box, ZERO configuration necessary!

The IP Remote Switch is a proven product that has 4 1/2 stars and over 90 reviews.

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 February 2014 )
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