T-Mobile Annouces eSIMs to Save Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Users Money on Roaming

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Friday, 21 February 2014

T-Mobile Annouces eSIMs to Save Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Users Money on Roaming

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In a unique effort to eliminate roaming costs for M2M users in the US and Canada, T-Mobile has announced their new eSIM. Users of the eSIM won't have to worry about expensive roaming fees, as they'll see local data rates even when they cross the border. Drew Kelton, Executive Vice President of T-Mobile Business Markets, had this to say about the eSIM: "T-Mobile is uniquely situated to take a leadership position in the M2M market. We have the network, capacity and organisational nimbleness needed by companies bringing M2M products to market. With eSIM, we’re showing how we’re different from our competitors. We’re bringing Un-carrier to the M2M space by doing what T-Mobile always does: putting our focus on the customer first through simplicity, transparency and cost.”

Also known as "the Internet of Things," the M2M market is growing rapidly, and T-Mobile is poised to be a leader in the industry. “The Internet of Things knows no boundaries… or at least it shouldn’t have to,” said Rusty Lhamon, Director of T-Mobile's M2M division. “This unique approach to cross-border wireless communication is designed to eliminate the issue of permanent M2M roaming and makes connectivity seamless and simple.”

M2M devices use very little data compared to what an average consumer or business would use for web browsing and other internet activity, but roaming fees can be so high that even as little as 100MB can rack up $200 in roaming fees. eSIMs will save M2M users who travel back and forth between the US and Canada a great deal of money (as well as hassle, for those who are accustomed to switching between US and Canada SIMs). T-Mobile is also planning to add support for other countries in the coming months. 

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