How Verizon and AT&T Can Track Everything You Do

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Tuesday, 04 November 2014

How Verizon and AT&T Can Track Everything You Do

If you are a Verizon customer, your carrier currently follows all of your activities online using a 'unique identifier header.' That data is then collected and given to marketing agencies so they can make better targeted mobile ads. That's 120 million plus Verizon subscribers where every move is being watched. 

This news come from the Electronic Frontier Foundations Jacob Hoffman-Andrews , who wrote how Verizon has effectively remade the ever present tracking cookie that all modern web sites use to track users and information. Modern web browsers though all have a way to effectively dump or turn off these cookies completely, where cellular carriers like Verizon don't allow this to be turned off.

How does Verizon do this? Whenever your phone sends a request out to a website, your phone has to pass through Verizons network. Verizon takes that traffic and amends a string of text, the unique identifier header, to your request. What is in this text? Its basically random looking numbers and letters that at first would appear harmless. However, websites can read this text and track all your information about your browser, device, how you got there, and then compares that identifier to other sites to see what type of behavior you have on the web. Using that, marketing groups can build profiles about users to send more targeted advertisements based on your real wold use of Verizons network.

Verizon isn't the only culprit here either. AT&T does have a similar program in place, however it isn't giving this information out, but it is considering that option. AT&T rotates this UID every 24 hours so more in depth tracking isn't possible, but it still exists. Whats more, there is an opt-out program for both AT&T and Verizon, however neither of these programs are easily accessible. AT&T makes you jump through multiple webisites to get this done, and Verizon will only agree not to sell your data specifically for targeted ads, but it sill collects the data to build marketing profiles!

There are a few websites where you can check this UID and see the data for yourself. Visiting THIS PAGE from your 3G/LTE connection will provide the information related to the UID tracking. Be sure you aren't on WiFi, as this only applies to traffic routed over Verizon/AT&Ts network, not your land line ISP. We've checked a few of our own devices here and we can verify this UID information is in fact present in all cases.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 November 2014 )
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