iBoot Hands On Review

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

iBoot Hands On Review


Now available at 3Gstore, the iBoot is a powerful way to remotely manage critical systems without the need for expensive truck rolls and service calls. Available in multiple versions to best match your unique installation, the iBoot can fit into any environment where equipment downtime equals lost revenue or productivity.

(iBoot G2+ Model Pictured)
Check out our new video overview below, and read on for more details!

Design and Build


From any direction, the iBoot is a good looking piece of hardware. For end users who will be installing these in ATM machines, digital signs, etc. this isn’t a major concern as it will be hidden from view. However, users who’ll be installing the iBoot in locations where it is visible, there is no reason to try and hide it away. The iBoot looks like a professional device that won’t look out of place next to the high end hardware that it will be powering.


(iBoot G2+ Front)

Fortunately, it doesn’t just stop at good looks. The iBoot is also an exceptionally well built device. Holding the iBoot in hand, it’s obvious that great care went into making a switch that will hold up to the high stress environments that is is designed for. Even aside from the main unit, the included power cables are up to the same standard. Nothing here feels cheap or poorly made. The iBoot can function in temperatures as cold as 32 degrees, up to 122 degrees fahrenheit as well.


Web Browser Power Control - Simple and easy to follow GUI (graphical user interface) that works with any web browser. Doing the setup from a mobile browser on a phone or tablet? The GUI will automatically adjust itself and scale to the proper screen size.



(Web GUI)

Automatic System Restore - AutoPing (All Models) and Heartbeat (G2+ Only) will detect an equipment outage and cause the iBoot to automatically take action to restore the connected device. Heartbeat provides a much closer look at Windows based systems through an installed service application. The G2+ will talk with that application and attempt to bring the system back online before falling back to a Graceful Shutdown or hard power cycle.

Graceful Shutdown - (G2+ Only) Windows platforms (desktop computers, workstations, servers) can be sent a shutdown or restart command, instead of a hard power cycle. This preserves system data, prevents hardware damage, and allows the device to power back on without user intervention. This is an extremely powerful option for those running windows servers who can not afford downtime.

Expansion Ports - (G2+ Only) Add one or two iBoot-EXP units with their own independent controls and AutoPing. If you aren’t using EXP units, the input/output can be used to general I/O operations or as a manual power control.


(Lower Left, EXP1 and EXP2 Connectors)

UL Listed - This is a MAJOR feature! UL Certifications mean that the iBoot will pass most installation requirements, and it bears the UL logo on each device. The peace of mind knowing that the iBoot that is protecting your valuable equipment is UL listed goes a long way.

USB Port - (G2+ Only) Connectivity for Graceful Shutdown as well as simple serial commands for status and setup.


(AC Input, Ethernet, and USB Connection)

Device Management Utility - (Windows Only) The free utility software can automatically scan a network and discover attached iBoot devices. The utility allows users to discover iBoots, set IP addresses, load new firmware, or return a switch to factory defaults.

iBoot Cloud Services - Currently in beta, iBCS allows users with the iBoot G2 and G2+ the ability to manage all of their remote devices from a single web based login.


(iBCS Main Screen)

Other features include: dual password protection (admin and user), 10/100 networking, direct TCP and software control, 110/220 VAC operation, and 12 amp switching.

iBoot Models

iBoot G2+ - The high end model which includes all of the features listed above.

iBoot G2 - A basic iBoot that offers everything except for support for the EXP modules and I/O operation, USB access, Graceful Shutdown, and Heartbeat monitoring.

iBoot DC - Same features as the G2 model. This model however has the ability to switch 5 - 48 VDC. This is ideal for a number of DC installations including the control of solar systems, control pumps, and more, up to 5 amps.

iBoot EXP - Only compatible with the G2+, two EXP units can be connected to a single G2+ for independent control and AutoPings. An effective 3 outlets can be controlled from a single IP address and GUI.


Final Thoughts

With multiple models, there is an iBoot configuration for every situation. Do you have a router/modem that you need to reboot if it locks up? The iBoot G2s AutoPing is a perfect match. What if there are multiple workstations that need to be online 24/7? The G2+ and EXP unit and their Graceful Shutdown feature makes it easy. Controlling a solar system or other DC device? The iBoot DC will do the job.

The simple web GUI and easy to understand setup mean an iBoot can be quickly deployed without any special training or advanced knowledge of the hardware.

The iBoot will pay for itself the first time it is used in most cases, and then save money every time after that. Almost all service calls or truck rolls solve hardware issues with simple reboots, and the iBoot makes that easy. In our testing the iBoot has proven to be an exceptionally stable, well made, and highly configurable remote power switch.

For more information on the iBoot and to see how it can work in your installation, contact the experts at 3Gstore.


The iBoot is Now Available at 3Gstore!

Last Updated ( Friday, 05 December 2014 )
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