Cradlepoint Firmware Policy Updates

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Tuesday, 02 December 2014

Cradlepoint Firmware Policy Updates

On Cradlepoints website today, firmware version 5.3.0 was posted in the download section of their support pages. While there has been no official announcement on their news page or by e-mail, it appears a new firmware policy is in place from this point on for future updates. The text from their firmware page has been posted below.

"Firmware Downloads & Release Notes

Notice: New Firmware Policy coming with FW 5.3 release in December 2nd, 2014.

All customers will have access to FW 5.2.x, but access to FW 5.3, (Dec 2, 2014 release) and beyond, will require Enterprise Cloud Manager or CradleCare Support.

For more information contact your CradlePoint Support Representative at 855.813.3385 (6am to 6pm MST), or email

New Firmware now available only via the Customer Connect Portal.

Customers that have Cradlepoint active entitlements for Enterprise Cloud Manager or CradleCare Support have been sent Customer Connect login credentials. If your company has these entitlements and did not receive Customer Connect login credentials, contact CradlePoint Support.

If your company does not have one of these entitlements, click below to register for a Customer Connect account.

Customer Connect Portal Registration"


(The notice as posted on Cradlepoints Firmware Update Page)


In summary, firmware 5.3.0 and beyond will require an active CradleCare or ECM (Enterprise Cloud Manager Account) in order to update supported routers. Previous firmware versions have also been archived on Cradlepoints site, indicating this new paywall is in full force. While this isn't a major shock (many large companies do exactly this) it is a major change for Cradlepoint, without any major announcement. We'll update this post as we receive more information.

UPDATE 12/3/14

Cradlepoint sent an email out a few hours after we posted the original information above, highlighting these firmware changes and providing a little more information on this new policy.

"Customer Connect Portal Rollout

Cradlepoint is rolling out a new Portal to provide Customers with important information about their Cradlepoint products and services.   

  • Customers will be provided Customer Connect Login credentials via:
    • Customers that have active Cradlepoint entitlements for Enterprise Cloud Manager and/or CradleCare Support, will be sent login credentials for the new Customer Connect Portal
    • Customers that do not have these entitlements can register for a Customer Connect account from a self-registration link on the public firmware download pages
  • Customers can use these credentials to:
    • View all License and Service entitlements with start and end dates
    • Access new firmware (see below for reminder on the new firmware policy)
    • Initiate and track support cases
  • Customers will be able to enable guest accounts for Partners to their Customer Connect account in order to assist with entitlement management and other IT management purposes as appropriate


Firmware Policy Change Coming with Firmware 5.3

Cradlepoint continues to make significant engineering investments in the embedded software that runs on our routers (Firmware).  These improvements include new features and capabilities, improvements to how existing features work, support of new USB modems, and bug fixes when needed. 

In order to continue to be able to make these investments, beginning December 2, 2014, Cradlepoint will require customers to subscribe to the Enterprise Cloud Manager or CradleCare Support, in order to get access to Firmware Upgrades."



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 December 2014 )
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