2014 Top Products at 3Gstore

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Top Products at 3Gstore

2014 has drawn to a close, and it’s time for our annual round-up of the top products at 3Gstore!

The scoring of these products comes from a combination of their popularity as well as the number of customer reviews they received and the average rating customers gave the product.

If you ordered any of these products (or any others!) from 3Gstore, don’t forget that you can log in at and write a review of your own. You’ll help other customers interested in the product and you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly drawing (every month we randomly select one customer review — good or bad — and the writer gets a $25 gift code!).

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 3Gstore Products of 2014:





Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

ip switch dual

allows you to remotely monitor and reboot your equipment

4 star ratings

“Thought I had a bum cable modem, replaced that and the internet service continued to drop off (thank you Time Warner) added the IP switch and it boots right back up without heading to the internet closet...great time saver, worth the money!"

“The product functions exactly as advertised. It was simple to set-up and the user interface provides easy configuration using terminology that a non technical user can easily understand. This product has now ensured the reliability and availability of my home network, especially when accessing devices remotely. I no longer have to worry about ADSL drop - outs and having to physically return home to re-set the router. I highly recommend this product and the price is excellent.”

“This product does exactly what is says it does, and was really easy to setup. If you're frustrated when your router or modem locks up, preventing you from getting into your systems remotely, this is the product for you.”

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Cradlepoint MBR95 Router

3G/4G home router with WiFi as WAN

note: the MBR95 will not be receiving any future firmware updates from Cradlepoint
4 star ratings
“Works as advertised and then some. It is truly plug and play using broadband internet access. Wi-fi access distance is farther than expected. Access speed is better than all other devices I have used."

“The Cradlepoint router was very easy to set up and begin use. It has been rock solid in its performance to date. I am pleased with the MBR95 and 3Gstore's support.”

"This was the best purchase I have ever made. I now have wi-fi for my iPad And we can use our desk top and lap top all at the same time."

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SureCall 9.5” Full-Band Omni Antenna

outdoor omnidirectional antenna for virtually all networks

4 star ratings
“Simple to install the cables and connectors to VZ UML295 modem attached to CP MBR95. Mounted two feet above roof line Modem alone was -94 dBm, 1 bar. Attached the antenna and now at -59 dBm and solid 4 bars. Upload and download improved 4X. VZ told me nothing would improve the signal since I was 5 mi from tower and somewhat behind a mountain and trees. Decided to try it anyway. Glad they were wrong. Very pleased."

"Purchased 4G antenna, adapters, and cable. Everything installed easily and looks good. Antenna booster aircard performance from 4 mb/s to 27 mb/s just by moving the antenna outside."

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Single Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

single outlet ip switch

allows you to remotely monitor and reboot your equipment

4 star ratings
“Great product. Easy to setup. iOS app works great. Solved my problem of router reset for internet security cameras at a remote location."

“Just perfect . no glitch no problem on installation work like a charm !!!!!”

"My IP Power switch was shipped very quickly. The instructions included we clear and easy to follow. Testing the IP switch was easy. I just found the IP address of the unit and pointed my web browser to issue commands. For the price, I am very satisfied."

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Cradlepoint MBR1400 Router

business-grade 3G/4G router

4 star ratings
“I just wanted to thank everyone involved in this order in getting me a replacement Cradlepoint 1400 Router, Pre-programmed perfectly, and ready to role in less than 30 minutes from start to finish. It may not mean much to a home user, but every minute my e mail is down is costing me big money. I am seriously considering buying another Cradlepoint 1400 as a backup unit. Absolutely everything runs faster and more reliably.”

“Great product, quick shipping, very easy to set up. I had a old CTR350 that I had for years, it performed flawlessly until recently. This router is light years ahead of it. The setup was very easy and I like a lot of the features that it has. Obviously, being that this router is for home use, I won't use every single feature that it has. I use this router with 6 wifi connected notebooks and desktops, 2 tablets and one wifi IP camera. Works very well."

"I've been using the MBR1400 for about 5 months now and really don't have much to say about it other than it's pretty much flawless. It's reliable and has a very rich feature set with an easy to use interface."

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Cradlepoint MBR1200B

cradlepoint mbr1200b

powerful home/small office router with load balancing and WiFi-as-WAN


5 star ratings

“Excellent product...quick and easy installation. Works great with my wireless broadband card.”

“The MBR1200B was a breeze to set up and configure. We got a Verizon USB, plugged it and everything just started working! It's fast, has lots of options for control and the users love it."

"unit is working great and I now have connections for multiple people."

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Pepwave Surf SOHO Router

pepwave surf soho

easy-to-use, feature-rich 3G/4G router for home and small office

4 star ratings
“For us the Surf SOHO is the other half of the wireless internet connectivity solution. We have a Verizon Jetpack 4620L for internet connectivity. We also have a metered data plan and we travel from time to time in an RV. The Surf SOHO allows us to monitor data usage by device which helps manage the data plan. It extends the LAN signal footprint so that our laptops, tablets, smart phones, and Kindle all reliably connect to our Jetpack through the Surf SOHO whether at home or on the road.”

“We use these devices in our business for remote users. We have other Peplink products (Balance 710 etc) in our main offices so the VPN feature of the Pepwave is very useful. We configure the Pepwave with VPN tunnels to our main offices, set up some local address space for the device, set up its local DHCP server etc and ship the unit out to our end users, typically along with a Cisco IP phone. This has worked out to be much less hassle to support than traditional VPN software running on the PC. We can also remotely log in (over the VPN) to the admin interface to change any settings etc. The fact that it is flexible on wired/wireless both on the WAN and LAN side means we keep finding new uses for these cheap but awesome little devices extending our secure corporate network into unusual places.”

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Wilson Sleek and Sleek 4G

cradle amplifier for voice/3G plus Verizon 4G LTE

4 star ratings
“First--I live in the foothills, known for poor reception. I purchased a portable mifi with the best specs and reviews I could find. Drawback was could only get 1 bar consistently--I purchased the Wislon 4g universal smartech III with only a small hope of much improvement. Lo and behold, after folloing the simple directions---I now have continous 3bar and good portion ot the time 4 bars--AMAZING! could not be happier--so, even if you have a weak signal--i suggest giving this unit a try.”

“This made a HUGE difference in keeping my internet connection in the car. With just an internet card I lose my connection frequently on road trips but I using the booster I kept my connection the entire time and my speed was great increased as well. I am extremely happy with the product and highly recommend it. Thanks! ”

"Every thing is just like they said it would be. It's works wonderfully giving me strong signal out here on my construction site where I have to use my phone as a hot spot. Great!"

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Trakdot Luggage Tracker


provides airport-specific location information for your checked luggage

4 star ratings
“Just tried it on a flight from Portland,Oregon with a stop in Charlotte to Washington DC....and it worked just great The next test will be international travel

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Cradlepoint ARC MBR1400 with Embedded Modem

arc mbr1400

powerful embedded solution with multiple carrier options

4 star ratings
“I bought this router for my brother and sister out at their restaurant. They only have Verizon 4G service for internet. My brother uses social media alot to advertise and let his followers know what is going on out at Swabbies. I downloaded the manual before I received the router so setting it up was easier for me. The features that I like are scheduling, multiple WLAN, Failover, WPA2 encryption, 600 foot WLAN broadcasting, Easy to view external lights, gigabit LAN ports. Its been up and running perfectly for 3 weeks, very strong 4G signal with all bars. I did install a Wilson electronics external 4G antennae.”

“The built-in 4G modem works great as a primary Internet connection, and always maintains an active connection for Port Forwarding inbound traffic."

"Great product. Allowed me to insert an activated ATT SIM card and had 4G wireless installed in our coach within minutes. We needed an outside connection to internet without having to switch networks to a separate hotspot. This guy did the trick. Way more expensive than a traditional router, but reasonably priced for what it allows you to do."

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