ClearRF Direct Connect M2M Amplifier with Passive Bypass

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

ClearRF Direct Connect M2M Amplifier with Passive Bypass




3Gstore is proud to welcome a new member to its growing family of M2M amplifiers and antennas. The ClearRF Dual Band Cellular Amplifier is a 3G only direct connect booster for M2M applications such as ATM machines, digital signage, and kiosks. Not only does the ClearRF amplifier meet the latest FCC guidelines for amplifier safety and shutdown, it also has a fail safe ‘Passive Bypass’ technology that can keep equipment connected in almost any environment.

The Clear RF M2M amplifier comes as a complete kit, with plug and play connectivity. Included with the kit is an amplifier, antenna, AC adapter, hardwire DC harness, and finally a cable to connect to your device. To fit into M2M environments, the amplifier maintains a low profile. At just 4.9“ L x 2.7" W x 0.92“ H this can fit into even the smallest enclosures without sacrificing performance. Speaking of performance, the amplifier provides 15db of gain for 3G frequencies (cellular 850 and PCS 1900) while only pulling a max of 1A of current at 12V of DC power. Need a signal booster where power is an issue? Even battery or solar power installations won’t mind the efficient amplifier kit and its lightweight requirements.


The major advantage the ClearRF amplifier brings to the M2M market is its ‘Passive Bypass’ technology. Passive Bypass is a fail safe for whatever device you are plugging the amplifier into. In the event that the amplifier loses power, this features allows the amplifier to bypass itself and allow the antenna to communicate with the connected device directly! If you install a traditional amplifier into a device like an ATM machine or other M2M device, if that amplifier loses power, the ATM loses ALL of its cellular signal. With the ClearRF amplifier, you’ll still be able to pass through the unamplified signal so the ATM continues to function! This technology can be a literal life saver for industries like; fire and security, railway and utilities, and law enforcement… where a connection to an antenna and cellular network must always be maintained.


Check out the video below for an overview of the ClearRF amplifier and its Passive Bypass at work.

The Clear RF Amplifier is now available at 3Gstore for just $299.99

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 February 2015 )
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