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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to (aka started in late 2004 as a resource to share honest information and help people use and understand this new EVDO technology (aka 2G, which was of course followed by 3G and then 4G). It primarily started as a way to provide reliable information in contrast to the bad information being passed around by a con-man named Robert Kim, who was taking advantage of people who were unfamiliar with EVDO (Robert Kim still is scamming people today). A few months later, I registered the domain name and set up a web site that sold just one product: booster antennas for the brand new EVDO devices. Previously, I was a software developer and in the mid 1990s developed an eCommerce platform called WS4D/eCommerce that allowed developers and companies to create an online store to sell products on the internet (around the same time that Amazon first started selling).

Here is what the original site looked like:


Soon after was launched, customers started asking us for more. They wanted to get their Verizon data cards from us, and then we figured out a way to get the very first data card (the PC5220) working with a Mac, when it wasn't supposed to. This was a big boon to consumers and further cemented our interest in all things EVDO.

Around this time, we also launched, which allowed people to discuss problems and solutions and share information they'd found about EVDO and all the related products.

Things continued to grow, and soon we had to hire a high schooler from across the street to help with shipping.

Late in 2005, I met with someone from Kyocera. They were working on what would be the first router that would work with EVDO cards: the Kyocera KR1. They gave us one 4 months before it was released and encouraged us to write a review. We wrote a review and received millions of hits on it before it came out - customers were extremely excited about this new technology. When the KR1 was released, was the only place besides Kyocera to sell them, and we pre-sold hundreds of them. When our first shipment arrived from Kyocera, the FedEx truck pulled up to my house and the entire truck was full of routers. I had asked some friends to help us ship them and we made an assembly line to package and label the routers to get them off to our customers (my only regret is not taking pictures during this time!). When the orders were ready to ship, we took the seats out of a few minivans, put my twin 10 year old girls and some of their friends on top of the boxes and drove a mile to FedEx, where we made a human chain and passed each box from the minivans to the depot (again, wish I would have taken pictures).


Soon after, I realized I needed to have a support person to provide technical support to our growing customer base and hired my first full time support person, beginning our long tradition of providing the best support in the business. 

In 2006, my little business started outgrowing the house and we needed to find a warehouse.  I found one that was 1.5 miles from the house and 4 doors down from FedEx - it was perfect.  Also at this time, I realized I need to have someone full time to manage shipping, so I hired Bob - who is still managing the shipping department today!

In 2007, we discovered a much smaller and cooler router from a company called CradlePoint and we become one of CradlePoint's first resellers (we still sell CradlePoint today!). Around this time, we also continued to grow the product line with antennas and amplifiers from Wilson Electronics (now called weBoost). Also in 2007, our company was featured as a case study in Seth Godin's book "Meatball Sundae," thanks to our reputation for providing exceptional customer service. He was a customer of ours,  but funnily enough, we didn't know it until three months after the book came out and a customer mentioned it. We bought a copy and sure enough, there we were! I emailed him to thank him and he replied, "what took you so long to contact me?"

By this point, we were selling so much more than booster antennas, and the domain name really bothered me. In 2007 we rebranded our site to better reflect what we did and was born.

Business was booming in 2008, but changes were happening. A lot of revenue from selling data cards was about to change, as the major carriers didn't want to play nice with online resellers. Things started to go in the wrong direction in 2009 and 2010, but by focusing on customer service and maintaining our reputation as the go-to source for expert information and product knowledge, by 2011 things were again trending in the right direction. Since 2012, our business has grown around 22% each year, and in 2015, we are trending towards doing 35% better than 2014.

With our IT background, we have built an incredible ecommerce platform that does amazing things for customers and on the backend to fulfill order rapidly and accurately. In 2013 we partnered with a larger company to handle their fulfilling and customer support, which further enhanced our business.

Why are things going so well? There are a few reasons. First of all, we have the best customers around. 55% of our orders every month are from repeat customers. Once a customer discovers all the service and support they get from us, they never want to leave. The next reason is our employees. They are given the freedom to do the right thing and really take care of customers. Salespeople who answer the phone are not paid on commission, they are salaried - their job is to listen and recommend what is best for the customers' needs, not just make a sale. Our tech people are not required to answer a certain number of calls per day, just to make sure that when the call is over, the customer is happy and their issue is resolved. When tech people are not on phones, they are creating PDFs and tipsheets for our support portal (which all customers can access 24/7 for free). There have been a lot of changes over the years, but our focus on providing a flawless customer experience has never shifted.

Thank you to the 120,000 customers we have serviced over the years and thanks to our awesome employees that make up the 3Gstore team!

Michael Ginsberg


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