Peplink: Free Performance Upgrades!

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Peplink: Free Performance Upgrades!



Today, Peplink has unveiled major performance upgrades for the Peplink Balance and MediaFast hardware platforms. Significantly higher performance, up to 2.5 times more, is available for most current generation hardware! The best news? It is FREE!

The only prerequisites are that your device must be running firmware 6.2.2 or above (August 15th release) and belong to the latest Peplink hardware generations. Once you are running this firmware version, that is it! You are already seeing the performance upgrades!

Balance 20/30/50 2nd Fall 2010 Shipping

Balance 305 2nd Early 2015 Shipping front_700px

Balance 380 6th Early 2015 Shipping front-1

Balance 580 2nd / 3rd Fall 2014 Shipping b580-front-june19

Balance 710 3rd Early 2015 Shipping front_700px

Balance 1350 2nd Early 2015 Shipping B1350_front_600px

If you aren’t sure what hardware version you are running, log into your router and head to the Status tab. You’ll see a Hardware Revision listed. With Peplink releasing regular firmware updates, and now massive performance updates for free, a Peplink deployment in your home or business makes your investment last longer. For more information or to see if a Peplink deployment is right for you, contact the experts at 3Gstore.

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