1 Outlet Remote Power Switch Upgrade

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Monday, 16 November 2015

1 Outlet Remote Power Switch Upgrade


The 1 Outlet Remote Power Switch has received a new firmware update over the weekend, adding some additional functionality and ease of use to the already powerful device.

The Single Outlet IP Switch is designed to automatically check if a network connection is online. Should the internet connection go down, the outlet is designed to automatically power-cycle connected equipment like a modem or router. Users can also remotely turn on/off/reset the outlet via the Android/iOS App or the User Interface (web browser) or schedule timed on/off/resets.

The latest firmware update, EZS.5a19 brings a quick bug fix of the device list on the mobile application not always displaying right on the first startup. More importantly a new option of ‘Reset Until Online’ has been added to the switch settings. This means that in the event of an internet outage, a connected modem/router will be rebooted indefinitely until the connection comes back online. This is key for those who have the power switch installed in remote locations, and their ISP is down for many days. Also updated are some of the help menus within the mobile application.




iOS app users are getting a major new feature. This is available on iOS only for iOS8 and iOS9 devices. Automatic credential backup of paired switches to iCloud Storage means that when the app is deleted or you upgrade to a new phone, there is no need to pair outlets again. iCloud simply returns the paired outlets automatically. To install the latest firmware on your switch, update your iOS or Android applications in the iTunes or Google Play store. You can then follow the in app instructions or follow our video walkthrough of the switch and upgrade process below.

Last Updated ( Monday, 16 November 2015 )
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