Customer Review of the Cel-Fi DUO+ for Verizon LTE

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Customer Review of the Cel-Fi DUO+ for Verizon LTE


Introducing the Cel-Fi DUO+ for Verizon LTE. The Cel-Fi does away with all the complicated setup, issues, and installation costs of typical signal boosters. No mounting antennas to the roof, running cables through walls and ceilings, and no unsightly panel or dome antennas on the walls and in the ceilings of your home or office. Instead the Cel-Fi DUO+ is comprised of just two pieces of hardware, a Network Unit (NU) and a Coverage Unit (CU). Installation is as simple as placing the NU in a window where the Verizon signal is the strongest and connecting it to power. The CU is then placed elsewhere in the home or office and connected to power. The NU picks up and amplifies the Verizon LTE signal, wirelessly sends the signal to the CU, and the CU pushes out an amplified cellular signal for any devices in range. It is that simple!

The Cel-Fi DUO+ for Verizon has been a big hit since its release a few weeks ago, and we just have to share this glowing customer review! Read our full hands on review of the Cel-Fi DUO+ for more information and videos demonstrating the capabilities of this powerful signal booster.

Date Added: 07/21/2016

Cel-Fi performs exactly as advertised.

I have customers who have been waiting for this solution for a while. The area I support from a technical perspective is Health Care. Hospitals have always been notorious for poor in building coverage. DAS is very expensive and network extenders require a GPS fix and backhaul.


The Cell fi performed as good and better than I had anticipated. First test out of the box was at home and in my basement where there was no 4G coverage ever, within 5 minutes of unpacking the 2 boxes and plugging them in I had over 8 Mbps down and 1.7 Mbps up. Next day, I visited a customer (hospital) with a common issue. We were unable to get a GPS fix as the location was too far from a window or GPS signal to get the network extender to activate. Again, in record time (this is simple to set up and takes literally minutes to work) the room was filled with notification sounds of text messages coming in to Mobile phones for the very first time. They were ecstatic. The network security resource reported that no rogue devices popped up on his diagnostic tool and he cleared the device for purchase.

My final check for the week was at an airport for Emergency Services Flight for Life where signal issues persisted, again, a significant improvement in speed test results and coverage. The only issue was the inability to pass signal through a Physical Firewall separating the Hanger from the dispatch offices where cinder block and whatever else was used in the building construction. It was not a deal breaker, just needed 2 sets of boxes for each area on either side of the brick fire wall.

The Cel-Fi DUO+ is available now at 3Gstore!

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