Sprint Offers New Plans

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Friday, 07 October 2016

 Sprint Offers New Plans


 If you are a Sprint customer, here are the new data plans effective 10/7/2016.


Added plans:

o   LPDSA0431 - Unltd Freedom-$5off w/AutoPay

o   LS129ASTM - 1GB Btr Choice XS-$5off w/AP

o   LS130ASTM - 3GB Btr Choice S-$5off w/AP

o   LS131ASTM - 6GB Btr Choice M-$5off w/AP

o   LS132ASTM - 12GB Btr Choice L-$5off w/AP

o   LS133ASTM - 24GB Btr Choice XL-$5off w/AP

o   LS134ASTM - 40GB Btr Choice XXL-$5off w/AP

o   LSD0135   - NR $50/25GB Promo-$5off w/AP

o   LSD0135TM - NR $50/25GB Promo-$5off w/AP

o   LSD129AS  - 1GB Btr Choice XS-$5off w/AP

o   LSD130AS  - 3GB Btr Choice S-$5off w/AP

o   LSD131AS  - 6GB Btr Choice M-$5off w/AP

o   LSD132AS  - 12GB Btr Choice L-$5off w/AP

o   LSD133AS  - 24GB Btr Choice XL-$5off w/AP

o   LSD134AS  - 40GB Btr Choice XXL-$5off w/AP


·         Added attachables:

o   LPDS431RC - Unlimited Freedom MRC

o   LS129ASRC - 1GB High Speed Data Allowance

o   LS130ASRC - 3GB High Speed Data Allowance

o   LS131ASRC - 6GB High Speed Data Allowance

o   LS132ASRC - 12GB High Speed Data Allowance

o   LS133ASRC - 24GB High Speed Data Allowance

o   LS134ASRC - 40GB High Speed Data Allowance

o   LSD0135AS - Unlimited 2G Data Speeds

o   LSD0135RC - 25GB High Speed Data Allowance

o   LSD129ASD - Unlimited 2G Data Speeds

o   LSD130ASD - Unlimited 2G Data Speeds

o   LSD131ASD - Unlimited 2G Data Speeds

o   LSD132ASD - Unlimited 2G Data Speeds

o   LSD133ASD - Unlimited 2G Data Speeds

o   LSD134ASD - Unlimited 2G Data Speeds

o   LSDCDV15D - Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text

o   LSDCDV15R - Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text

o   LSDPHN25D - Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text

o   LSDPHN25R - Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text

o   LSDPHN50D - Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text

o   LSDPHN50R - Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text

o   LSDTMB15D - Tablet/MBB Data Access

o   LSDTMB15R - Tablet/MBB Data Access

o   REQLPRO7  - LTE Tablet/MBB Provision no HS

o   REQPRO3H1 - 3G Tablet w/Hotspot Provision

o   REQPROLH1 - LTE Provisioning w/Hotspot

o   REQPROLS1 - LTE Provisioning w/Hotspot-SMS

o   REQTPROS  - 3G/4G Tri-Mode Provisioning


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