Apple HomeKit Wish List

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Apple HomeKit Wish List


I have always been a DIY kind of home automation guy.  My house has been completely Insteon based so that outdoor lights go on automatically at sunset.  The Christmas trees and outdoor decorations go on at sunset and off at 11pm.  I had a thermostat controlled from my phone around 10 years ago.  It was fun making all this work - BUT it wasn’t friendly for the other 98% to setup and use.

HomeKit changes all that.  It is pretty dead simple to do automation from your iPhone.  All you need is a 4th gen Apple TV to act as your hub and then like everything else Apple, it is REAL simple to create home automation Or just be lazy to turn off the light without getting up.

HomeKit needs some more supported hardware and more features before it becomes really powerful.

HomeKit hardware desired:

  • 3 way light switches (3 pole)
  • Homekit AC Dual Wall Outlet
  • ADT HomeKit Bridge (how cool would pressing Away on the ADT Alarm would trigger HomeKit or when I disarm?)
  • Nest HomeKit Bridge (not using HomeBridge)
  • Chamberlain Garage Door HomeKit Support (coming soon?)

Advanced Settings in Home App

  • Automation Rules can enable / disable other rules
  • Scenes can trigger automation rules
  • automation rules support push notifications
  • automation rules support sending emails/texts
  • Automation supports AppleScript
  • Home App for MacOS
  • Automation Rules should have another condition for time/day of week
  • Support Variables
  • Have an automation rule set a variable.  For example “Status can equal, home, away, vacation”
Automation Rules can support also checking variables.  This will allow me to have different automation rules in effect, when I am home, away OR on vacation

Anything else missing?  Add your comment below.





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