The FCC Approves LTE-U Devices

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

The FCC Approves LTE-U Devices




The FCC has announced their approval of LTE-U, the U standing for the unlicensed spectrum this network will operate in. As carriers are battling it out to deliver the most reliable, and fastest networks, LTE-U is a big change to the way that current cellular networks function.

Utilizing unlicensed parts of the 5Ghz frequency band, the same area where WiFi networks operate, LTE-U will be able to deliver high a bandwidth to devices while improving network congestion. Both the WiFi and LTE industry have tested LTE-U and determined that there will be no interference between the two technologies, with LTE-U ramping down in more WiFi congested areas. T-Mobile will be the first carrier to deploy compatible devices with a target of spring 2017.

“Un-carrier is now deploying LTE-U technology in its LTE network, following today’s FCC certification of equipment from strategic partners Ericsson and Nokia. This move paves the way for the Un-carrier to introduce new network capabilities and devices for consumers this spring… LTE-U constantly seeks the least utilized channels to maximize efficiency and performance for everyone. As demand on the Wi-Fi network increases, LTE-U backs off, and as Wi-Fi demand wanes, customers can tap into that unused capacity for LTE.”

LTE-U support has also been announced by Verizon, though they do not have a target date yet. It is also important to note that LTE-U base stations are the only devices that have been approved so far, no phones have been released with support for this new band at this time.

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