Peplink LTE-A (LTE ADVANCED) Details

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Peplink LTE-A (LTE ADVANCED) Details




Peplink has just launched a number of new LTE-A embedded cellular routers. These are updated versions of existing devices that support new frequencies across multiple carriers. LTE-A is the next evolution of LTE capable of higher upload and download speeds than standard LTE connections.

Increased Band Support and Carrier Aggregation

LTE-A features greater location diversity, as one modem can now cover more regions. LTE-A also supports newer region and carrier specific bands. These are often much faster than the legacy bands that can become oversaturated from heavy use. In the US, LTE-A enabled models support band 41 (2500 MHz) and band 26 (850 Mhz) for Sprint and band 12 (700 MHz) for T-Mobile.

In addition, LTE-A routers can use Signal Carrier Aggregation (SCA) to simultaneously connect multiple signal channels for up to twice your current connection speed.

Peplink cellular routers feature automatic carrier detection based on the inserted SIM card, so setup and use is as easy as possible. No manual selection of router or modem firmware, no need for a hardware reboot to switch carriers. Better yet, if your router is connected to another site via SpeedFusion Bonding using 2 or more connections, you can seamlessly change carriers without disconnecting users. No more late nights and weekends for simple carrier changes!

Coverage Area

While many LTE-A enabled routers offer greater band support, the coverage is still limited to that of a single provider, so you will still lose reception if you hit a dead spot. With SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding, however, you can enjoy uninterrupted service as you move around town, connecting to 3G/4G LTE networks from multiple service carriers.




Learn more about SpeedFusion and its uses in our in depth beginner's guide.

Available now:

Transit with LTE-A (MAX-TST-LTEA-W-T)

Transit Duo with LTE-A (MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-W-T)





HD2 IP67 with LTE-A (MAX-HD2-M-LTEA-W-IP67)

MediaFast HD2 with LTE-A (MAX-HD2-MFA-LTEA-W-T)

MediaFast HD4 with LTE-A (MAX-HD4-MFA-LTEA-W-T)


Available soon:


Balance 30 with LTE-A (BPL-031-LTE-A-W-T)

HD2 with LTE-A (MAX-HD2-LTE-A-W-T)


These new models are in addition to the existing MAX BR1 MINI with LTE-A



At this time these devices are NOT certified on Verizon or Sprint.




Last Updated ( Friday, 17 March 2017 )
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