PBX Integrations at 3Gstore

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

PBX Integrations at 3Gstore


We love technology.  We love integrating technology to make things easier for our customers and our employees.  Once you have a PBX system, it isn’t like a cell phone that you could easily switch back and forth between providers. It is pretty “sticky” and you aren’t going to switch unless there is a reason to do so.


Five years ago, we switched to Digium SwitchVox and we selected it not only because it was cloud-based and was pretty easy to program, BUT it also supports APIs.  This was the key for 3Gstore to do some pretty cool things.  Many of these functions are used every time you call us and some were just done to have fun!


Order Panel - shows customer info between 1st and 2nd ring


This one gets used the most everyday by everyone on the sales & support teams.  When you call 3Gstore (queue call or direct call) we have the ability to see all customer information before we pick up the phone. This isn’t just a Big Brother feature, it allows us to quickly help you in support without asking you for your invoice number so we can assist you right away.  We also use this in sales to enter notes about what we talked about. When you call back and talk to someone else, we have the notes so you don’t have to start all over and re explain yourself.



All inbound/outbound calls get logged to a customer - this makes it simple to see everyone that talked to a customer and for how long.


This next function is great too.  How many times do we hear, “I spoke with some lady there but I don’t remember who it was?” We can quickly tell you who you spoke with. Even if you call in after hours and you hung up, we log that too.  This doesn’t just help with sales, but this helps with support as well. The panel above will show everyone you last spoke with, so when a call comes into tech support, others can quickly check if the person you last spoke with is available. If the previous technician is available, they can pickup the call to save time. Also, note that the arrow under recent calls is pointing towards the person who received the phone call. A red line indicates we were closed OR the customer hung up before reaching their party.




Different Call Tree if we know who you are


In the old days, every support call would start with “Can I have your invoice number?”. This allowed us to make sure we knew what equipment you would need assistance with BUT also ensured we provided support only to those that purchased from us.  Usually this would waste a few minutes while you looked up your invoice number.  Now when you are transferred to tech support, we only ask you to have your invoice number ready IF we don’t recognize the phone number you are calling from.  Once we have found the order, we link that phone number to your account so next time we will know who you are!


Create Sales Ticket on Inbound Call to Specific Extension


We created a demo for customers and new customers to call and test specific functionality of their router. The real cool thing is that within a few seconds of you calling, we look up to see if you are an existing customer or not and then we create a sales ticket so someone can call you back. If you are a customer, we put all that info in the ticket we create. If it is your first time calling, we put the phone number and caller ID info in the ticket.


Recorded Calls Import into iTunes (Automatically)


This was the easiest one, but really the coolest one. All recorded calls are FTP’d to a local server in our warehouse. As soon as recordings show up in that folder, they are automatically imported into iTunes. If we ever need to pull a call we just search the phone number since it becomes the “song name”.  We can also create Smart Lists for phone numbers and quickly see (and listen) so we know how many calls and how long the total calls lasted.





FedEx Tracking Extension - We got this working, just to have fun!


This was one we did for fun as a proof of concept. We created a new extension that you can call to check the status of your last order with us. The cool thing is that you would never have to enter your invoice number or zip code (if we recognize your caller ID). Once, you call, we lookup (via API) your last order from our order system. We then get your tracking number and then make a call to a FedEx API to get the status (when will it be delivered OR the exact date/time it was delivered). Next, using Text to Voice technology, we let you know the exact status. This was a lot of fun to develop. Again it was a proof of concept - we don’t need it because we already email customers when their order ships AND when their order arrives too!. For a demo call 866-3GSTORE x889



Updating credit card info over the phone


The last proof of concept was to take credit card info over the phone so that we could update your account. This was pretty complicated but was pretty fun to do. Again, we don’t use this directly, it was only a project to see if we could do it.


At, we don’t just sell stuff, we provide solutions that save you time and money.  Anyone can sell you a PBX/VOIP system, but not many have the expertise to set up, integrate and support you like 3Gstore!


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