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Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Do you own an eCommerce site? Have you noticed an increase in chargebacks from your online sales? As chip and pin become the standard for credit and debit cards, it is much harder for fraudsters to steal from brick and mortar stores, so they are turning their attention to stealing from online stores. The bad guys use the internet to trade and sell stolen credit cards, share schemes that work, and discuss which online stores are easy or difficult to steal from. Online credit card fraud is on the rise, and store owners have to be more vigilant than ever to protect themselves.
Now there is a resource that can help online businesses learn about and prevent online credit card fraud. Introducing, a new tool from MDG Computer Services, Inc. (parent company of
MDG’s online fraud tool not only educates on how to prevent fraud (including information on the latest fraud schemes in use), but also features a custom-built tool that online store owners can use to spot fraud orders BEFORE you ship them, saving time, money, and inventory.
Access to is FREE for online merchants. To prevent the information from being shared with credit card fraud perpetrators, access to is only available to online store owners and representatives - all users must complete a quick free validation to gain access to the site. Once logged in, users will have access to our fraud resources, including best practice videos, tips & tricks, and info about the latest fraud trends. Additionally, all users can utilize our exclusive Fraud Order Checker, which allows you to input information from your order to evaluate the fraud risk. All users can use the Fraud Order Checker to check up to 20 orders per day for FREE, and API integration is available for users who need to check large numbers of orders.
Our fraud module was developed in 2011 and has been revised and fine-tuned over the years to help us identify fraudulent orders. Most eCommerce sites consider 1-2% to be an “acceptable” and expected rate of fraud. Thanks to our fraud module, the rate of fraud orders at has been 0.0001% for the past several years, despite the increase in fraud attempts throughout the online shopping world. We are sharing this service with online merchants for free - we just want to help fellow online stores not get hit with fraud orders. If you like the fraud rating tool that we built, we will have available an API that allows those with technical experience to automate our tool with your ecommerce backend (contact us for rates and more info). MDG Computer Services is committed to stopping online fraud and looks forward to helping your business see less fraud!
If you are a provider of fraud services and would like to introduce your tools or resources to a much larger audience, contact us to discuss partnering with All you have to provide is free use of your service up to 20 times per day. For customers that integrate with our API, they will be able to purchase service from you directly and enter in credentials to access - no additional API development will be needed since we handle that!
About MDG Computer Services, Inc.: MDG was formed in 1988 and in 1997 we created a brand new eCommerce development platform that had a variety of advanced features, allowing many businesses to have an online presence in the early days of online stores. By late 2004, our business started to focus on wireless technology, which led to the launch of
For over a decade, has been a leader in wireless sales and support, winning over countless customers big and small with our friendly website, comprehensive support portal, and dedicated staff. Behind the scenes, MDG Computer Services has created the most streamlined, customizable eCommerce platform that allows for the management of every aspect of an online store, from purchasing to billing to customer leads. On the logistics side of the business, our inventory management and shipping systems are incredibly efficient and leave virtually no room for human error, meaning every customer receives exactly what they ordered, every time. In 2013, MDG Computer Services began offering these same services that have made such a success to other companies, partnering with a variety of unique businesses to provide eCommerce and fulfillment services.


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