How to Use Verizon One Talk Desk Phones on WiFi

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Friday, 29 September 2017

How to Use Verizon One Talk Desk Phones on WiFi


One Talk is a multi-line telephone solution that can help employees who work in an office, are on-the-go and remote, or a combination of both. Your mobile telephone number is shared across multiple devices, giving you access to calls and business telephone features on any of your common devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Verizon One Talk desk phones.

This following information will discuss the available One Talk WiFi options, how to connect your One Talk phone to a wireless network, tips and tricks for setting up your router for the best performance, and pros and cons to using WiFi instead of ethernet.

First, we need to understand what options we have for One Talk phones with WiFi Capabilities. The One Talk T46 series phones both support WiFi via a USB dongle. There is a standard T46G model that does NOT include the WiFi dongle, and a T46G-W model that includes the WiFi dongle in the box. You can always purchase the WiFi WF40 dongle separately if you decide you need WiFi later. The T49 video phone has WiFi built in and does not require an external dongle. Please note, there is only a single USB port on the T46 phones and if you are using the USB bluetooth adapter, you can NOT use the WiFi adapter at the same time. The T41 model does not have any WiFi capabilities.

T46 Model

  1. Unbox and insert the WiFi dongle into the ethernet port on the back of the phone.
  2. Press the Menu softkey.
  3. Select WiFi. The phone will automatically scan for available networks. If no networks are showing or you don’t see your network listed, press Scan on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the network you wish to connect to using the arrow keys on the phone. Highlight the desired network.
  5. Select Options and select Edit.
  6. Enter the WiFi network password followed by the Save softkey. The phone will connect to the selected network.

T49 Model

  1. Using the touchscreen select Menu.
  2. Select Basic
  3. Select WiFi. You can press the scan button if no networks are showing or you do not see the network you want to join.
  4. Select the network you wish to join.
  5. Select the Menu icon,
  6. Select edit, then enter the WiFi network password by using the on screen keyboard.
  7. Select save. The phone will connect to the selected network.

Once you have the One Talk phone successfully connected to your WiFi network, it's time to optimize that network for your phone. Please note that not all routers have the same features, and this isn’t meant to be an all inclusive guide. You’ll need to reach out to your router manufacturer for technical support.

The first thing you’ll want to do is log into your router and head to the QoS settings. QoS stands for Quality of Service, and is designed prioritize certain types of traffic such as VoIP calls, while leaving less important traffic like guest networks with less bandwidth. One talk uses port 5061 for desktop phones and mobile clients, and prioritizing traffic to this port will help keep phones online during periods of heavy activity where the phones would normally disconnect. Some routers require you to enter a MAC address or IP address of the device you want to create QoS rules for. Other routers have prebuilt QoS rules you can enable as needed, just ensure if you picked an ‘All VoIP’ rule that port 5060 traffic is specified or it will not work!

Another way you can improve One Talk Phones on WiFi is to create a new VLAN on your router, followed by creating a new WiFi network strictly for One Talk Phones. By segregating different types of traffic across multiple LANs, it's easy to see where bandwidth hogs may be coming from, and it is easier to manage large numbers of devices when they are separated into smaller groups. Many routers will also let you apply rules to a specific VLAN as well, so instead of having to create a rule for each individual One Talk phone on the network, you’ll simply make one rule that applies to the entire VLAN of WiFi devices.

There are downsides to consider though when it comes to using One Talk phones on WiFi. First, you must be within range of a wireless signal, and that signal must be strong enough for a reliable connection. The last thing you need is to be on an important call, and have the quality of that call is poor or to have the call drop because of poor network connectivity. WiFi networks are also subject to interference from other RF (radio frequency) devices. Other WiFi networks, cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, etc. are all sources of potential RF interference. Ethernet has the advantages of being far more reliable than WiFi, and doesn’t have the same potential issues. Either option can work, but it is important to know where you plan to use the phones and the network conditions in those areas.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 29 September 2017 )
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