New Verizon One Talk Virtual Extension vs Mobile Client

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Monday, 09 October 2017

New Verizon One Talk Virtual Extension (Virtual On-Net Extension) vs Mobile Client

One Talk is a multi-line telephone solution that can help employees who work in an office, are on-the-go and remote, or a combination of both. Your mobile telephone number is shared across multiple devices, giving you access to calls and business telephone features on any of your common devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Verizon One Talk desk phones.



Verizon One Talk already supports desk phones and connectivity via mobile applications on iOS and Android. Verizon has now added a new feature called a Virtual Extension, but what exactly is it? To understand the pros and cons on this new feature, we first need to understand the existing One Talk Mobile Client.

The One Talk Mobile Client runs on an iOS or Android device like a phone or tablet. The application signs into the One Talk extension it is assigned, and it functions as a full featured phone line. It can make and receive calls from its One Talk Number, use features like transfers to other One Talk extensions, participate in hunt groups with a custom ring order, and more! The One Talk Mobile Client is typically $15 per month for a application only user, or is included as part of the standard $25 a month charge when using a mix of desktop and mobile application.




The new One Talk Virtual Extension allows you to assign an external, non One Talk number, an internal extension on your existing One Talk system. For example, if you have 5 One Talk lines with external extensions 1001-1005, you can add an external phone number as extension 1006. If a customer calls into your main number and you have an auto receptionist setup to do transfers to internal extensions or dial by extension, a person dialing 1006 would cause a non Verizon One Talk phone to ring. This is a quick way to integrate non Verizon One Talk lines into a One Talk system.


There are downsides to these Virtual Extensions though. Because this isn’t part of the One Talk system and doesn’t use the One Talk Mobile Client, outbound calls from the external number would have their standard caller ID. They would NOT show up as coming from the main One Talk number. If a call rings to the external number via the Virtual Extension, it would not play the company One Talk voicemail, and it would instead play the end users standard voicemail message. Virtual Extensions can not participate in Hunt Groups either. You could not select 5 One Talk phones and one Virtual Extension and put them in a hunt group with a custom ring order or simultaneous ringing. The key thing to remember is a virtual extension transfers to a number that is completely outside of the One Talk ecosystem and loses all the benefits of being a part of the group.



When does a Virtual Extension make sense? One use case would be for automatically transferring a customer to an external company that doesn’t require any other features. If you run ABC Plumbing Co. you could create an Automated Receptionist that gives options of transferring to sales, support, directory, OR to a Virtual Extension that transfers a customer to a 3rd party company for a warranty claim, etc. A Virtual Extension can also be used to help transition a company from a traditional PBX system to One Talk. Since One Talk doesn’t yet have call queues, you could use a Virtual Extension to transfer from One Talk to a traditional PBX while migrating over or awaiting new One Talk features. Remember that One Talk is typically just $25 per line, and in many cases it is significantly less expensive than traditional PBX systems. Moving users over to One Talk can save money, while a Virtual Extension can bridge the gap between the two systems without the customer ever knowing.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 09 October 2017 )
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