3Gstore Custom Router Cases

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Friday, 20 October 2017

3Gstore Custom Router Cases




'Helping You Stay Connected' is our long standing company motto at 3Gstore, and highly customizable portable routers cases are the next step in bringing connectivity where it is needed most. 3Gstore has experience designing solutions for disaster recovery, portable internet for trade shows and conventions, live streaming sports and other events, and more. Do you need to stay connected? Read on for more information!

3Gstore is launching with two different case paths. First, we’re offering a ready to use Rugged Mobile Case for Verizon One Talk. Second, we’re offering a Custom Router Case which is purpose built for each customer.

Put simply, the Verizon One Talk Case is an all-in-one disaster recovery solution. This compact case houses a rechargeable 50,000mAh battery, an enterprise grade embedded cellular router, dual high gain cellular antennas, WiFi and ethernet connectivity, and a full size, full featured Verizon One Talk phone.


An organization can't always avoid a disaster, but with planning, the effects of a disaster can be greatly minimized. A good Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) will include measures to minimize downtime and the disruption of communications. Our unique solution can help make your DRP as effective as possible by bringing back lost voice communication and internet connectivity in a matter of minutes. If you are creating a new or updating an existing DRP, 3Gstore can be part of your recovery strategy.


Getting the case up and running is simple since it comes pre configured and ready to use. Simply unlatch the lid, place the handset on the cradle, and power on the system using a single click. To power off the system you’ll simply put the handset back in its cutout, and click and hold the power button for 3 seconds. That is it! With one click you’ll have internet connectivity, a mobile hotspot, ethernet that can be used to backup your primary router, and a full size One Talk phone for extension to extension dialing. With this kit, it's business as usual, even in an emergency.

The One Talk Case can be powered in a number of ways as well. There is a 50,000mAh battery on board that will run the case for up to 48 hours of continuous use. You can also connect the system to AC if available for unlimited runtime of your cellular connection and One Talk phone.


Since the case is weather and waterproof it can be deployed in even the harshest environments like factories, warehouses, construction sites,  and more. The rugged case allows for easy transportation in the back of an ambulance, firetruck, police car, or other emergency response vehicle. Have a kit at the ready in a server room, behind the desk at an office, in the back of a vehicle, or anywhere else where loss of connectivity means the loss of critical functionality.

Not what you are looking for? 3Gstore Custom Router Cases are designed for each of our customers unique needs.


As a disaster recovery or portable internet solution, our 100 hour Mobile WiFi Case is the perfect choice. It features up to 100 hours of run time on its internal battery, plus AC connectivity when available. The integrated high gain antennas provide significantly better signal than a traditional mobile hotspot or phone can, meaning you’ll have a more reliable, and possibly faster connection. The embedded cellular router can be switched between carriers in just a few seconds making for quick and easy configuration. Is your primary carrier overloaded? Switch to the backup and continue browsing!


3Gstore has also created a portable, all-in-one, mobile video streaming backpack. This solution is perfect for those looking to stream in high quality with top notch reliability. The backpack includes a quad LTE cellular radio and SpeedFusion bonding through our SimplyBonding hosted service. You can now use the bandwidth of 4 different cellular carriers to increase speed and reliability for your mobile streaming needs. With bonding, only 1 of the 4 connections need to stay active at any one time, and your video feed will never disconnect! No more struggling to stream using a basic mobile hotspot, your phone, or unreliable USB modem and router. With a run time of 8+ hours plus the ability to charge and stream simultaneously, there are few events that can’t be covered. Need more run time? We can include a higher capacity, and hot swappable battery as well for virtually unlimited run time.

 Download brochure for One Talk Rugged Mobile Case w/ Battery & LTE
 Download brochure for 3Gstore rugged cases

For more information, contact the experts at 3Gstore and we’ll help put a unique solution together to fit your needs.


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