Disaster Relief Solutions

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Disaster Relief Solutions

Establishing communications with offline disaster areas is an important role for disaster relief teams. Some disasters are located in inaccessible areas like mountain tops and rural towns. We see many towns being affected by wildfires and other cities being torn apart from wind damage and flooding. A good communication system should offer reliability and be able to work in all conditions all the time.



Utilization of telecommunication and data communication after a disaster is needed for the connections of the affected people, families, and communities with first responders. Allowing this communication to happen allows lets first responders coordinate a structure for relief.


When major disasters strike, modern technology can provide the best relief efforts. Relief teams communication gear needs to be reliable, fast, secure, and able to handle voice communications. Since voice systems are usually connected to a large infrastructure, this tech equipment must be able to work outside of the standard network.



3Gstore Custom One Talk Case

This required communication gear can be found with all kinds of cool features such as an indestructible case system that has the ability to supply high speed wireless internet for disaster relief areas at the flip of a power switch. How about the need for an infrastructure detached VO-IP phone that offers its own self contained internet connection and power source? These units can be carried as a portal briefcase and can offer the fastest and most reliable connections to and from the relief teams.

3Gstore has been able to provide expert skill and designs for assembling this type of required gear. With this knowledge they have perfected the gear for disasters for the relief teams.


For more information on this and other types of communication gear visit

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