2017 Top Products at 3Gstore

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Wednesday, 03 January 2018

2017 Top Products at 3Gstore

2017 has drawn to a close, and it’s time for our annual round-up of the top products at 3Gstore! The scoring of our top products comes from a combination of their popularity as well as the number of customer reviews they received and the average rating customers gave the product. Many of this year's winners, like the IP Switch (both versions) and Pepwave Max BR1 Classic are perennial favorites and have appeared on our "best of" lists for years. Others, like the Pepwave Max BR1 Mini and Netcomm NWL-25 are new to the list for 2017, thanks to their affordability, ease of use, and reliability. Congratulations to all of the manufacturers of our 2017 top products!

If you ordered any of these products (or any others!) from 3Gstore, don’t forget that you can log in at and write a review of your own. You’ll help other customers interested in the product and you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly drawing (every month we randomly select one customer review — good or bad — and the writer gets a $25 gift code!).

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 3Gstore Products of 2017:





Dual Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

ip switch dual

Allows you to remotely monitor and reboot your equipment

4 star ratings

“This switch is probably the best thing since apple pie. I would lose connection to my camera and thermostat at my beach house all the time. I am 200 miles away so it's not easy having to reset my router. This switch solved my problem. My camera and thermostat hasn't been down since and that's been over 2 months. It works so good that I bought another one for my main house. Guess I'm getting lazy. Thank you 3Gstore."

“Absolutely awesome product! Saves a tremendous amount of time and headache not having to travel to a remote site now to power cycle wireless equipment to bring it back online.”

“Easy to set up. Does what it says on the box. Thanks to my ISP (Rogers) I didn't have long to wait until it proved that it actually worked. I noticed my internet connections getting steadily worse one evening. Was going to check it out, but it was dinner time. By the time dinner was over and dishes done the internet connection was good. Checked the 3GStore Remote Power Switch logs - lo and behold - it had rebooted my cable modem. Wish I had got one of these years ago.”

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Pepwave Max BR1 Mini with LTE

max br1 mini

Affordable router with embedded LTE for home, travel, and small business

5 star ratings
"I've had the BR1 Mini for about a month and I love this little router. Mainly because I am not computer literate and I didn't have to jump through hoops with firmware updates and all that stuff to get started. I simply put the sim card in it,. plugged it into the wall,. put the password in and it took off. Its built rugged and its worth every penny. Thanks 3GStore!"

“The MAX BR1 features, setup and performance so far are precisely as described in the 3GPepwave literature. The transactions with 3G were similarly crisp without the slightest hiccup. The pre-sales technical support team at 3G were great. Free competent technical support prior to sale, what a concept! The admin tools are also as advertised, well designed, and informative. Coupled with a Wilson antenna, BR1 the delivers 40-50Mbps of LTE signal, so much better than our DSL not-so-broadband. Great company, great product.”

"For years the only option I have had for home internet has been DSL. Top bandwidth has been limited by the lines that feed our township road with a max speed around 2.5Mbps. Decided to try my cellular unlimited plan with a router and a usb modem. This had been nothing but a headache for months to get to work properly... Started researching for an integrated router and chose the Max BR1 Mini. So far this thing has lived up to its expectations. Setting it up was simple...This thing simply does exactly what it was designed to do."

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Single Outlet Remote Power IP Switch

single outlet ip switch

Allows you to remotely monitor and reboot your equipment

4 star ratings
“Easy to set up & thus far a valuable tool to have when your fancy router cuts off! I recommend this product highly."

"Does the job with simplicity. Thank you!"

"The ezOutlet remote power switch is terrific. It solved the problem of remote servers requiring occasional power cycles when conditions force them into a hibernated state. The ezOutlet regularly pings the server on the local area network, so when it loses the ping, it cycles the power. It's a life-saver, because I don't have to physically be at the remote site to power cycle computer servers anymore. The ezOutlet does it automatically or I can do it from my phone or computer. I got the single outlet, because I needed the Android phone app (which works perfectly). Also, the 3G Store's technical help was terrific! I'd highly recommend them."

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Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Router

pepwave surf soho

Easy-to-use, feature-rich 3G/4G router for home and travel

5 star ratings
“We live out in the country and the best choice for Internet is an AT&T Unite Explore hotspot. The Pepwave router was very easy to configure and connects to the hotspot via USB. It does an excellent job of keeping the hotspot providing Internet and has decent built in Wi-Fi as well. It has a bunch of advanced features if you need them but toying with them wasn't required for my configuration."

“Used 2 Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Routers and a Netgear 340U AirCard to easily create a VPN between my home network and remote location. This allowed me to overcome the dynamic IP addressing associated with the 4G/LTE wireless internet access. Extremely easy to set up and has worked as hoped. Lots of management options with the Surf SOHO that allows precise control of Router behavior.”

"[Our company] has been supplying customers with Peplink products now for several years. Since this brand was introduced, it has changed the way we support our customers. Now with the SOHO and wifi capability, customers love them even more."

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Pepwave Max BR1 Classic with North America LTE

max br1

Full-featured small business router with embedded LTE modem

4 star ratings
“The pepwave has been a life saver as we do radio broadcasts all over a major city and can't always get a dedicated line installed in time and can't always rely on regular cell signal. The RJ45 jacks make it easily compatible with ubiquiti gear unlike usual aircards or jetpacks, and dual sim rollover keeps us with the best signal available."

“Super simple, get up and go, Installing on a boat, easy setup”

"My application is in a large class A motorhome. I previously used a Verizon Jetpack, a Pepwave Wifi, and a Cradlepoint router. It worked but was certainly a jury-rig. When my Jetpack died I contacted the 3Gstore and they suggested this product to replace all three of the above components and complement it with the matching through the roof antenna. What a fantastic product. Now, just by sliding an icon, I can select/disable Cellular or WiFi connections depending on my situation. Thus I can use campground WiFi if its good or revert to cellular if it is too slow or not available or for security reasons. The cellular is great but I use the campground WiFi if available to keep my data usage down. I love it."

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Cradlepoint MBR1200B

cradlepoint mbr1200b

Powerful home/small office router with load balancing and WiFi-as-WAN

5 star ratings
“This is the third Cradlepoint router I have purchased from the 3G Store. Not only is the shipping expedient, and the service unbeatable , my MBR1200B out of the box, had me online in less than 5 minutes!! I love my MBR1200B and without a doubt, 3G Store stands behind with the best customer service I have ever had. ”

“Great router for cell cards.”

"I use this modem router on my ranch. The firmware is way ahead of the old phs900 modem/router. It was a snap to setup and join other devices to. Even though it does not have external antennaes, it has a pretty decent broadcast range."

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Pepwave Surf On-The-Go

pepwave surf on the go

Travel router for USB modems and WiFi as WAN

4 star ratings

“I bought the Pepwave for its Wi-Fi as WAN feature, and it really works! An excellent little router.”

"Ease of setup is key to this product."

“Does a great job. Takes up little space and can be placed anywhere in the house. Provides a secure internet connection."

"What I've been looking for. Being able to use a hotspot with my wired networks makes ISP outages a non issue now. Immediate backup is critical for small airlines."

"Turn my Verizon jetpack MIfI6620L into a super router. I now can connect to jetpack anywhere in my house. This thing is great, if [it] broke tomorrow I would buy another one."

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SureCall 9.5” Full-Band Omni Antenna

outdoor omnidirectional antenna for virtually all networks

4 star ratings

"Product works great. Took me from ~3mbps download to over ~10mbps. Definitely worth the money.”

“Great antenna. Easy to install with excellent reception."

"Awesome product! Excellent reception. Just get it above the roof line."

"Improved my reception of the 4G signal."

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Netcomm NWL-25 Verizon LTE Router

netcomm nwl-25

light industrial router for M2M, failover, and more

4 star ratings

“Pleased with the product works great, got 4 bars of signal getting 5 Mbps down, and 4.3 Mbps up, have to reset once a week.”

“Plugged in and it connected with no issues!"

"The NWL-25 features a simple configuration, built in Verizon LTE modem, variable operating voltages, and tons of features, all while coming in at a price no other device on the market can touch."

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Long Range Invisible WiFi Bridge Kit

long range bridge kit

Plug and play point-to-point system to link WiFi up to 1 mile

5 star ratings

“We needed to install some video camera's across the street in our auxiliary building. we installed it on the roof with unobstructed views approximately 400 ft apart. we have 4 poe video cameras and an access point running, the access point doesn't have much traffic at all but the video cameras are running 24/7 and it has been running flawlessly. The bridge is using about 50 mb/s out of the 300 available. we have seen zero falloff on the video screens. We have 2 PTZ camera over there and the response is immediate and quick. I could not recommend any more. This is a very inexpensive simple solution to connecting remote facilities together.”

"Awesome product. Will continue to buy everything I need this solution. (Installer at a security/cctv company)."

“Works and seems dependable (in use for a few month now for remote SCADA type system)."

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