New Single Outlet Remote Power Switch Now Available at

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

New Single Outlet Remote Power Switch Now Available at  


The Remote Power IP Switches at 3Gstore have become very popular products for a wide range of our customers. These provide users an easy way to automatically reset and also manually control power for modems, routers, cameras or any other network attached devices, as well as things as simple as a light or a fan. Both the 2 Outlet and 1 Outlet models have even been within the top 3 of our top 10 products sold annually, the last 3 years running. Recently, the 1 Outlet model, ezOutlet (aka EZ-11B), was discontinued and replaced with the ezOutlet2 (aka EZ-22B). We’re excited about this updated model as it still provides the same functionality of the original ezOutlet, but adds additional methods for remote access.

One major difference is that ezOutlet2 uses a new mobile application called ezDevice (available for Android or iOS devices). The manufacturer has also created a cloud management website for users to log into if using a mobile device is not ideal. This website,, gives the user more flexibility with management in that you can now provide the login to multiple users that can then access from anywhere in the world.

When you receive your ezOutlet2, setup and configuration should normally take under 10 minutes. Just create yourself a login for the app and Cloud4UIS site (same login credentials are used) and follow the setup guide for instructions (a quick start guide is also included from the manufacturer). Those who have familiarity with the original ezOutlet will see that the configuration options are the same. Firmware updates have not changed either, so if you plan on only using the website to access your device, be aware that you will still need the mobile app to perform firmware upgrades.

If you have trouble with your modem, router or other network attached devices that require a power reset to fix, be sure to check out the 3Gstore Remote Power IP Switches today!

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