VZAccess for Mac for PC5740 Released (5740)

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Sunday, 15 January 2006

  • PC5220 Support fully added to Mac OS 10.3.5 - 10.4.x, directly by Apple. Supported Signal Strength, Activation, network used.
  • We were the first ones to create technical directions to allow the Novatel V620 (over 11,500 users have visited this page), Kyocera KPC650, Sierra AirCard 580 to work for Mac Users
  • We released a Novatel V620 Driver for Mac OS X (it works, but no signal strength, network used or activation)
  • Now, VZAccess for Mac for PC5740 is available, no more hacking the Mac drivers, this is real native Mac OS X support (read below)

Getting Starting Links: What is EVDO :: Verizon Coverage :: EVDO Blog :: EVDO Forums :: Buy Verizon Cards & Service

"Can Your Hear Me Now", takes on a new meaning for Macintosh Users!


VZAccess for Macintosh for PC5740 is now available. The software installs as an application, and brings full functionality to the Mac. You get:

  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Network type used (BroadbandAccess vs. NationalAccess)
  • Card Activation


In order to set up VZAccess Manager, you will need the following minimum system requirements:

The installation is fairly straight forward, it is a regular installer. You need to enter your admin password during the installation. A restart is required. After the installation, you will see a VZAccess Manager icon on your desktop (you are asked if you want to create one during the install.

VZAccess for Mac looks and feels just like the Windows version. The software is written by Smith Micro, who happens to also write the Windows version of VZAccess.

The first time you connect, VZAccess will automatically activate your card (NO NEED FOR A PC). This is the second EVDO card that supports this feature. The first was the PC5220.

When connecting, it appears that VZAccess for Mac hooks into Internet Connect for dialing. You will see the "Connecting" in your menu bar and once connected, you will see a counter counting up (the number of seconds you have been connected.

The very first time you install your PC5740 card, the VZAccess software will automatically activate the card. This will download a new PRL (Preferred Roaming List) and activate the card on the Verizon Network. Also before installing, you have the option for VZAccess to manage your Airport connections too.

Installation Tip: When doing the first time install, tell VZAccess to only detect the PC5740 Card Only, DO not have it detect WiFi too. This way, when you are not using the PC5740, your Airport will function just as it did previously.


You would think that you only need to activate a card once, and that is NOT true. When your card gets activated, something called a PRL (or Preferred Roaming List) is downloaded to your EVDO card. This is a list of cell sites that your EVDO card knows about. As Verizon adds new cell sites, they will update the PRL. Verizon usually updates the PRL every 3 - 4 months. If you fail to update your PRL, those new towers will be invisible to your EVDO card. So, when going to a new area, OR every few months, it is a good idea to update your PRL (we offer a PRL notification service to notify customers when new PRLs are available).


The main VZAccess WIndow is very easy to use. Just double click on the NationalAccess - BroadbandAccess icon and as long as you are i coverage area (you can tell my the signal strength indicator), you will automatically be connected.


The test device window allows you to easily see the signal strength and test that you device is visible.


Here is a screenshot of the Options Menu:


Here is a screenshot of the Usage Tracking Screen:


Here is a screenshot of the Statistics Tracking Screen:


The only other thing missing from the Windows version, is compression. On Windows this is accomplished via the Venturi software. Sometimes the Venturi would get in the way with VPN, Sending email, or other things, so not having this, isn't a big deal. A Beta of Venturi Compression for Mac is available now.

VZAccess for Mac for PC570 is great news for the Mac community. So, now there is the Kyocera KPC650 (card with antenna port) and PC5740 (no antenna port) now working with Mac OS X. We expect OTHER choices to appear for Mac users over the next few months as well. Look for a future Mac OS X update to support additional cards on both Verizon & Sprint's EVDO network.

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For Mac users who order the PC5740, we will get a special welcome email that includes links to:

  • direct link to download the VZAccess for Mac for PC5740 software
  • Free Email Notification when Verizon Updates the PRL
  • Links to speed up EVDO via TCP Modifications and Dormant Killer techniques
  • Phone number to obtain free support from us.
  • Information on helping you if you run into problems during your first time activation
  • Also, you will qualify for EVDOinfo's Referral Program, get a $25 credit off your monthly Verizon bill for each Referral. You are probably going to show your new EVDO card to everyone, why not get a $25 credit for each one off your monthly bill (limit 10 credits per year).
  • AND, we are the Mac EVDO Experts, we can help you with any problem/issue that arises.
  • We are the EVDO Mac Experts according to: New York Times, LA Times, Forbes, and others. We also run, the ultimate EVDO Community Resource

Did you purchase your PC5740 and need Mac Support? You can purchase your Mac support form us (we are the Mac EVDO Experts), and included is an immediate download link for the PC5740 Mac Software

ImagePurchase Mac PC570 Support (includes PC5740 Software)

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 September 2006 )
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