Bell Canada brings its fastest mobile data network to Quebec City

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Thursday, 02 March 2006
Bell Canada brings its fastest mobile data network to Quebec City

EV-DO wireless data network delivers fastest speeds in downtown core

QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, March 2 /CNW Telbec/ - Bell Canada, Canada's national leader in communications, today launched Bell Mobility's new mobile broadband network, EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized) in Quebec City's downtown core. EV-DO, the fastest mobile data network ever commercialized by Bell is the third generation (3G) of wireless networks and delivers data at unprecedented download rates of up to 2.4Mbps, up to more than ten times faster than anything else previously available in Quebec City.

"Our EV-DO coverage in Quebec City is just beginning with our rollout in the downtown core. This is great news for both our customers who live in or visit Quebec City as it provides the power and capability of broadband to the wireless user," said Jim Jaques, Senior Vice President, Bell Mobility. "Bell Mobility customers now have more EV-DO connectivity than ever before: Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and select cities in the United States. With EVDO-enabled devices, users who live in or visit these locations can get their work done up to ten times faster than before."

EV-DO offers end-users unprecedented wireless data transmission speeds. Business users can experience faster downloading when accessing the Internet and retrieving e-mails, including large attachments and other bandwidth- intensive applications. A further expansion of the Quebec City EV-DO rollout is expected this fall.

"EV-DO is a huge competitive advantage for businesses. It is similar to the experience that PC users went through when the switch was made from dial up to broadband. Now, with EV-DO, Bell Mobility's wireless customers have the same opportunity."

The EV-DO service also offers consumers an enhanced mobile multi-media experience. EV-DO enables improved audio and video capabilities for entertainment services like streaming TV and music, gaming, video conferencing, and enhanced messaging.

Bell has multiple EV-DO devices available including the Kyocera Passport, the BlackBerry 7130e (TM) and Samsung a920 and coming soon, the BlackBerry 7250.

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