KR1 Router Brings Internet Access to Katrina Workers

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Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router and ``Burners Without Borders'' Bring Wi-Fi Internet Access to Katrina Relief Workers

Burning Man Festival Vets Team Up With Kyocera Wireless to Launch Wireless Mobile Hotspot to Power Disaster Relief Communications and Efforts

Image --(BUSINESS WIRE)----WHO: -- Tom Price and other "Burners Without Borders" Hurricane Katrina disaster relief workers in Pearlington, MS Kyocera (Key-o-sara) Wireless, leading manufacturer of CDMA wireless handsets and devices including the KR1 Mobile Router

WHAT: Since Katrina pulverized the Gulf Coast last August, relief efforts have been severely hamstrung by inadequate communications infrastructure. Without wired lines for power, internet access, and telecommunications, the entire region has relied on only over-burdened wireless communication networks to organize relief efforts and keep in touch with the outside world.

This month, Kyocera Wireless launched the KR1 Mobile Router, which uses a PC card or EVDO cell phone to enable high-speed internet access over the CDMA wireless network for multiple Wi Fi enabled laptops simultaneously.

Burners Without Borders, an eclectic and dedicated group of Burning Man Festival veterans hard at work in the Gulf Coast (ground zero) since last September, is using the new KR1 Mobile Router with a Kyocera Passport PC card, both donated by Kyocera, to power an Internet mobile hot spot that allows internet access and email communications for their team of relief workers and volunteers. Powered by a solar cell, their Wi-Fi hotspot has made it possible for the group to organize work efforts, order supplies, receive donations, fundraise, communicate with family and friends and keep their day jobs while working remotely in the stricken area.

For people working in disaster zones or areas where normal services have failed, the new Kyocera Wireless KR1 Mobile Router is must-have equipment and just as crucial as generators, chainsaws and camping gear for mission success.

  • Speak with relief workers to learn how simple wireless technology is accelerating relief efforts and helping to rebuild the Gulf Coast
  • Interview Kyocera Wireless to learn how the new technology works
  • Demo the KR1 Mobile Router and show how anyone with cell phone coverage and an EVDO PC card or handset can create a mobile hotspot WAN that can serve multiple laptops simultaneously

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