Sprint Announces EVDO Data Roaming in Canada and Mexico

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Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Sprint Announces North America Data Roaming Deals

UPDATE: For more info on using EVDO in Canada and Mexico, click here

International expansion includes Bell Canada and Mexico's Iusacell

Customers of Sprint (NYSE: S) now have more international locations to easily access mobile data applications, thanks to new reciprocal wireless service deals with Bell Canada and Iusacell in Mexico. The North America data roaming agreements are part of an aggressive international services expansion by the U.S. wireless data leader throughout 2006 and beyond.

Sprint is facilitating data access availability for U.S. customers north and south of the border by augmenting CDMA voice roaming agreements with a data roaming capability. Under the reciprocal agreements, customers will be able to seamlessly access email, Internet and corporate applications in Canada and Mexico using select PCS phones, smart devices and mobile broadband cards. "Data demand knows no borders" said Danny Bowman, vice president of product at Sprint. "Our new roaming agreements allow customers of all partners to seamlessly access the applications they need so they can do more in more places on the extended Sprint network. We're meeting mobility and access needs by increasing our portfolio of international services."

In Canada, data service roaming is available in the Greater Toronto Area, Greater Montreal Area, Quebec City, Mt. Tremblant, Ottawa, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Muskoka, Halifax, St. John's, Charlottetown, Moncton and Fredericton through Bell Canada's wireless networks. In Mexico, data roaming is available in Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas*, Cancun*, Comalcalco*, Cozumel*, Cuidad del Carmen*, Guadalajara*, Len, Macuspana*, Matamoros, Mrida*, Mexicali, Mexico City*, Monterrey*, Nuevo Laredo, Playa del Carmen*, Puebla, Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Morelos, Queretaro, Reynosa, San Jose del Cabo*, San Luis de Rio Colorado, Tecate, Tuxtla*, Vera Cruz and Villahermosa* among other cities through the Iusacell network. All listed Canada locations and marked (*) Mexico locations support EV-DO roaming.

A data services subscription is necessary. Customers do not need to add any special services or permissions to their account in order to use data services over CDMA networks in other countries. Service is available only on Sprint CDMA devices capable of data roaming. Devices should have the most current preferred roaming list (PRL) and updated Connection Card manager software. Data usage will be billed at a casual rate of $0.002/kb. Frequent travelers with high data demands have the option of an Unlimited North America Plan for mobile broadband priced at $129.99 monthly (with a one-year subscriber agreement) or a promotional plan of $99.99 monthly (requires a voice plan and two year agreement).

Information on data service roaming and relevant devices can be found at or by calling (888) 226-7212.

Supported Phones/SmartPhones

    * Hitachi G-1000
* Hitachi P300
* LG LX350
* LG LX550
* Motorola C290
* Nokia VI-3155i
* Nokia 6165i
* Nokia PM-6225*
* PalmOne Treo 700p
* Samsung SPH-A640
* Samsung SPH-A580
* Sanyo 4900*
* Sanyo 5300*
* Sanyo 6400*
* Sanyo 8100*
* Sanyo MM-7500*
* Sanyo MM-9000*
* Sanyo SCP-3100
* Sprint PPC-6600/6601
* Sprint Blackberry 7250
* Sprint Blackberry 7130

Supported Mobile Broadband Cards
* Novatel Connection Card Merlin S620
* Sierra Wireless Connection Card AC-580
* Sprint Connection Card PC-5740       (the PC5740 is no longer listed as supported on the Sprint's Site)

Additional Requirements

Your Connection Card manager software must be updated with the latest version before traveling to Canada. To update your Connection Card manager software, simply open your Connection Card manager, then click on Menu, Software Updates.


Canada Data Roaming





Mexico Data Roaming



Mexico City


To check Sprint International Roaming Coverage by City, click here

To Enable roaming, you need to be running the latest Sprint Connection Manager, which updates your PRL to support Roaming. Finally, you need to configure your Data card to enable roaming:


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