CDU-550 by Franklin, EVDO USB Modem

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Tuesday, 01 August 2006


This device is NO LONGER available -- to see currently available devices, check out:

Finally, an EVDO device that will work with virtually any computer! The Franklin CDU550 allows any computer with a USB port to connect to Sprint's high-speed broadband data network, no PC slot needed. It's small, so it's easy to travel with, but it's also powerful, so you can rely on it to provide speedy, consistent service.

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Finally, iBook, PowerBook 12, MacBook, Desktop computers. ANY Mac or Windows laptop OR desktop with a USB port!

Mobile Broadband USB Modem

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Franklin leads the wireless industry with its advanced CDU-550 EVDO USB modem. It provides instant wireless connectivity for mobile email, web browsing, and other mobile applications. Simply plug the CDU-550 into any supported Windows® or Mac (PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Desktop, Mac Mini, etc) or laptop and you can send and receive data. The CDU-550 works with high-speed, CDMA 1xRTT and EVDO networks and is backwards compatible with IS-95A/B networks.


Franklin’s ground-breaking USB modems are based on its line of proven CDMA embedded modules. Widely used in name brand handsets, Franklin’s modules have earned a reputation for solid reliability and exceptional performance. Leading wireless operators worldwide have depended on us to deliver robust and cost-effective wireless modem solutions.


Franklin Wireless has a proven track record of delivering high quality and cost effective CDMA 1x and EVDO modules to major wireless operators worldwide. Our products are both state-of-the-art and innovative with technology roadmap covering from CDMA2000 1x, 1xEVDO to UMTS/WCDMA HSDPA, providing a wide range of reliable mobile wireless internet solutions and products to laptop computer users, including the industry's first USB plug-in version. For vertical applications and fixed wireless users, we offer standalone, fixed wireless EVDO modems with or without Wireless Router and Access Point capabilities.

USB Modem EVDO : CDU-550 (Hi EVDO)

Radio Frequency:   Band Class 0: 800MHz
(RX: 869 ~ 894MHz TX: 824 ~ 849MHz)
Band Class 1: 1900MHz
(RX: 1930.0~1989.95, TX: 1850.0~1909.95)
RX Sensitivity: Nominal -106dBm
Dimensions:   Size: 88×41×8mm Weight: 21gram
Environmental:   Storage : -30 ~ +75?, Operating : -20 ~ +50?
Power Consumption:   CDMA Max < 700mA,
CDMA Typical <250mA,
Sleep < 4mA
Operation Voltage: 5VDC (USB V-bus)
Data Options:   Packet data, ASYNC data, Quick Net Connect
Data Rate:   1xRTT: Forward / Reverse Link: Up to 153Kbps EVDO: Forward Link: Up to 2.4Mbps, Reverse Link: Up to 153Kbps
Voice:   13K QCELP, 8K EVRC
Hardware Interface:   USB Type A
Software Interface:   IS-707 AT command set and extended
AT command set
IS-683A compliant over-air download/update capabilities
OS Support:   Windows 2000, Windows XP
Mac OS X and Linux

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