Novatel ExpressCard/34 to PC Card Adapter

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Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Novatel ExpressCard/34 to PC Card Adapter - IT WORKS!


ExpressCard in PCMCIA Adapter


We had high hopes for the first Verizon ExpressCard Adapter, but after testing it we realized it didnt work (see EVDOforums thread).

Novatel has released a new ExpressCard Adapter and this one works! We have tested the Novatel Adapter with a Verizon V640 in a 15" PowerBook, Kyocera KR1 Router, Top Global MB6000 Router and many flavors of Windows laptops - and they ALL work. (Check out our compatibility page we maintain for the latest information)

Why would you want one of these Novatel ExpressCard Adapters?

Lets say your current laptop only has a PCMCIA Slot and that at some point in the near future you will upgrade to a laptop that only has an ExpressCard slot. Instead of having to purchase a new EVDO ExpressCard after you upgrade your laptop, you can purchase one card now and the adapter allows you to use it in your current laptop and the one you upgrade to.

Without this adapter, you would have to purchase a new EVDO ExpressCard without service, costing you $270 to $330 or more. Buying the ExpressCard with a Novatel adapter for use in your existing pcmcia laptop can save you a lot of money!

When you place your order for an ExpressCard from either Sprint or Verizon through look for the option to add the adapter to your order. Supplies are limited and it has been very difficult to buy these adapters without buying a new ExpressCard at the same time.

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