EVDO iChat 2 Way Video at 60 MPH

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Friday, 11 March 2005

Update 6/24/10: We've come a long way from these early video chats over EVDO! Check out our article and video about using Apple's FaceTime feature for video calls over 3G and 4G: Using Mobile 3G/4G WiFi for iPhone 4 FaceTime Video Calls

OK, so you read about using iChat AV over EVDO (2 way video over EVDO ). Now, we moved the test to the car, while someone was driving. Here is the proof.

The following picture was taken while doing a 2 way audio chat. The camera is mounted looking out the front window. If you want to see the video, click the link below the picture.

I am going to try to get the person who has this car, to write an article for this site. The car, has an intregated screen in the dashboard, the Mac mounts in the trunk with an antenna mounted in the rear, the car has integrated firewire and usb ports in the front. It sounds very cool. However, we have also done this with our PowerBook in the seat next to us.

(note: If this is your first time hearing about EVDO, and want to know more, check out our What is EVDO page)

While the quality of this movie is good, we did some more tweaking and testing and figured out settings to make it very high quality. We didn't record this yet, but will over the next few days and post a new high quality (15fps) version.

The above movie does NOT have audio (but it is still cool to watch) and was inspired by an article Apple posted about using iChat on an airplane over EVDO.

Next, we brought our laptop, camera, PC 5220 and booster antenna to the car and did some more tests. Thanks to The DVD Lady for making this movie.


Technical Details:

Location 1: Cary, Illinois, using PowerMac G5, iSight Camera, iChat AV, broadband internet connection.

Location 2: Car traveling down highway in New York, PowerBook G4 15 inch, iSight Camera, iChat AV, Verizon Mobile Broadband (EVDO), PC 5220 Card and a booster antenna.

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